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Sticky Paws For Furniture

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Sick of your precious cat destroying your furniture at home? Now you can stop them with Sticky Paws by Pioneer Pet! Easy to apply and remove adhesive strips that won't harm fabric or cats. Helps deter inappropriate elimination. Use on countertops, stereo speakers, drapes and carpets or anywhere you don't want kitty to be! Remove single Sticky Paws furniture strip from base sheet by gently peeling from the top down.

Position strips sticky side down wherever needed, on furniture, curtains etc.

When in place, crack and peel away any remaining layer of protective backing. The strip will adhere to the desired surface. Pioneer Pet/SmartCat began over twenty years ago when Betsy Lipscomb, the founder and president of Cats International, decided that she wanted to start a company whose sole mission was to enhance our pets' quality of life, by providing for their behavioral needs.

  • Stop cats from destroying furniture
  • Deters inappropriate elimination
  • Transparent strips - apply directly to fabric
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Don't declaw... get Sticky Paws!
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    • Cleaning Type
    • Brand
      Prestige Pet
    • Advice Care

    • Benefits
        • Deters Inappropriate Elimination
        • Stop Cats from Destroying Furniture
        • Transparent Strips - Apply Directly to Fabric
        • Easy to Apply and Remove
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    Customer Reviews(2)

    • Big Jim says... This product has nearly ruined a brand new $5000 leather lounge suite! Following purchase of my dream lounge suite, we thought we would protect it with Sticky Paws. Bad decision! We followed instructions to the letter, and it has left sticky unsightly residue everywhere. So far my wife has spent about 5 hours trying to get it off without marking. The best removal method so far seems to be the following.... 1/ Gently rub Olive Oil into the sticky residue with your finger only. 2/ While Olive oil still wet, use clean, dry, non dyed cloth/rag to buff the oil and residue off. 3/ This will take many hours! In our case a whole weekend. Better to just not use this product on leather at all.
    • Cat Lover says... This stuff is great. We've got 2 Persian kittens who like to play and chew everything but they hate this stuff so once we stick this on furniture and electrical equipment they stay away. It's easy to use and safe and comes off clean. Plus it's clear so you can't even see it's there. We use it on everything the cats want to scratch or places they want to go that they're not meant to and it works.

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