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Sentinel Spectrum For Very Small Dogs up to 4kg

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Monthly treatment with Sentinel Spectrum Tasty Chews for very small dogs will prevent heartworm(Dirofilaria) infection. It controls adult roundworm(trichuris vulpis), adult hookworm (Ancylostoma caninum), adult tapeworm (echinococcus granulosus, taenia piriformis, Dipylidium caninum) infection. Sentinel also provides long term protection and control of flea (Ctenocephalides felis) infestations and control of flea allergy dermatitis in dogs up to 4 kg bodyweight. It does not kill adult fleas.
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    • Advice Care
      This medication should not be used in animals allergic to it. Heartworm testing should be performed prior to the start of prevention therapy. The side effects of Sentinel Spectrum are rare at the recommended dosage. Sentinel Spectrum has a wide margin of safety for all sizes and breeds of dogs including Collies. It is approved for use in puppies as young as 6 weeks, pregnant females, breeding bitches and stud dogs. Adverse reactions reported include vomiting, diarrhoea, depression/lethargy and pruritis. If unusual signs develop following treatment with Sentinel Spectrum, consult a veterinarian immediately.
    • Life Stage
    • Feeding Guide
      Orally with a meal at monthly intervals
    • Ingredients
      Active Ingredients: Milbemycin Oxime, Praziquantel, Luferenon
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    • Judy says... Just make sure they don't spit them out despite looking like they are chomping it down. Ended up having to poke it in mouth anyway. It does not quite last the full month but otherwise works fine. I never rate price/value things high because all these kind of products are too expensive for me.

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