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See the change

with our 12 week pet health
and nutrition challenge.

It’s back and bigger than ever – for dogs and cats that need to trim down, older pets that need more zing or cats that set off Pet Parent allergies, this is for YOU. We believe that wellness starts with the food we choose for our pets and Petbarn and Greencross Vet’s See the Change 12 Week Challenge will help transform your pet’s wellbeing.

From the beginning of April you can follow our official 10 participants on our social channels or play along at home and go in the running to WIN 12 months of free food.

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Select the health condition (listed below) you'd like to improve


Reduce cat allergens

Just because you are sensitised to cat allergens, doesn't mean you have to miss out on having snuggles with your favourite feline. If you're the 1 in 5 people globally who are sensitised to cat allergens, you will be well versed in how to manage it. Lots of cleaning and creating cat-free spaces in your home. Now, there is a scientific breakthrough (more than 10 years in the making!) to provide an additional measure to help manage the cat allergen burden within the home.

What causes cat allergies?

Allergens in cat hair and dander can greatly affect the lives of cats and their owners. Are you one of them? Most people think that these sensitivities to cat allergens are caused by cat hair, but that is not true. This is actually caused by an allergen called Fel d 1, found in cats' saliva. When cats groom themselves, they spread the saliva onto their hair, and shed the hair and dander into the environment, leaving a trail of allergens throughout the home.


Senior Care

How to improve your senior pet’s vitality

"As pets age, their nutritional requirements change. We can keep them healthy and happy by switching them to Senior Diets that meet all their needs." - Dr Magdoline Awad, Chief Veterinary Officer at Greencross Vets.

Book a consultation with Greencross Vets for a complete health and wellbeing check and for more advice on how to improve your dog’s health.

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Weight Management

Obesity is a common health issue that impacts pets too. Overweight pets may live up to 2.5 years less than those of an ideal weight, which is why it’s important to choose the right product for your pets wellbeing to improve their health and longevity.

Concerned your pet is overweight? Here are the signs to look out for:

  • Runs out of energy quickly
  • Sits down a lot
  • Waddles when walking
  • Has slower movement over time

† Salt C et al. Association between life span and body condition in neutered client-owned dogs. J Vet Intern Med 2018;1-11

How to improve your pet’s weight in 12 weeks

"A primary reason why pets are overweight is overfeeding. Switch your pet to a complete and balanced calorie-controlled diet to help manage your pet's weight." - Dr Adam Sternberg, Regional Clinical Director, Greencross Vets

Book an appointment with Greencross Vets for weight and wellbeing check and for veterinary advice on managing your pet’s weight.

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Play along at home and win

You’ll win in all sorts of ways when you play along at home with our See the Change 12 Week Challenge.


  • Seeing your pet become healthier and happier
  • Getting out & exercising yourself
  • Entering the draw to win some neat prizes!


  1. Purchase one of the products included in the See the Change challenge from your local Petbarn, Greencross Vets or online at
  2. Download your very own See the Change 12 Week Challenge Handbook HERE to play along.
  3. Submit your entry on Facebook or Instagram for your chance to WIN including:
    • Describe in 50 words or less how you have ‘Seen the change’ during the challenge
    • Take a Before and After photo including relevant food packaging in at least 1 photo
    • Include all required hashtags with your post (refer T&Cs for detailed instructions on hashtags)
  4. Upload your post no later than 18th July 2021 for your chance to WIN!