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Seachem Alert Series Alert Combo 2 Pack


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Continous Freshwater pH & Ammonia readings - No strips, no tests, just constant readings - Ammonia alert lasts 1 year freshwater & marine - pH alert lasts 3-6 months freshwater only
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      Ammonia Alert Remove protective film. Then place the unit visibly anywhere in the aquarium or filter. it may take up to a few days for a dry sensor to equilibrate with the water. The presence of free ammonia registers within 15 minutes. Response to decreasing ammonia is slower, requiring about 4 hours to go from toxic to safe on removal of ammonia. Avoid touching the sensor with fingers. The Alert colour corresponds to about 0.05mg/L free ammonia, Alarm to about 0.02mg/L and toxic to about 0.50mg/L. The alert concentration is tolerated for several days, alarm for a few days, and toxic is rapidly harmful. This product is not recommended for use at pH 6.0 or below. pH Alert Simply place pH alert visibly anywhere in the aquarium or filter. It's that easy. No chemicals or test procedures are required. When first put in service, response time will be about 30 minutes. Thereafter, pH shifts will register within ten minutes. The life of the pH alert sensor may vary depending on a variety of tank parameters. Sensor exhaustion is indicated by a visible fading or washing out of sensor colour. pH alert is for use in freshwater only.
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