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Providore is a high meat diet made from the finest ingredients, sourced from New Zealand’s green fields & blue oceans. All made from a high percentage of real, raw meat, native superfoods and ingredients selected for their high nutrient & antioxidant content.

Manufactured in New Zealand using gentle production processes that retain the nutrient density of the ingredients & closely mimic how your pet would have eaten in the wild.

Using no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives and without grains, gluten, dairy, or nasty fillers. Providore provides nutritionally dense food & treats with none of the nastys.

Our promise is high protein, great value, natural food & treats your dogs & cats will love.

  • Pure - Natural ingredients
  • Rich - High in protein
  • Fresh - From nature's pantry

High meat diet

93% meat, organs &
green lipped

Providore High meat diet
    • Providore High meat diet

      High meat diet

      Packed with quality meat, proteins, macro minerals & essential trace elements for healthy bone & muscle development.

    • Providore Omega 3 and 6

      Omega 3 & 6

      Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids & zinc for a healthy skin & coat.

    • Providore Complete balanced nutrition

      Complete balanced nutrition

      Packed with all the essential nutrients, vitamins & minerals for an active healthy life.

    • Providore Immune System

      Immune support

      Infused with a blend of natural antioxidants, vitamins & minerals which can help support the immune system

    • Providore Prebiotics


      Natural prebiotics to help promote the growth of benefitial bacteria & support healthy digestion.

    • Providore Cognitive support

      Cognitive support

      DHA (Doco-sahexaenoic Acid) & EPA (Eicosapen-taenoic Acid) which can help support cognitive health.


Providore can be fed in two ways:

1. Feed as a complete meal

Providore provides optimum nutrition for your pet when fed as a complete meal.

Providore pet food is crafted with 93% real, raw meat from the green fields and pure oceans of New Zealand.

2. Use as a topper

Conveniently feed your dog or cat more meat by adding Providore food to premium dry kibble.

Mixed feeding provides more concentrated nutrition than kibble alone, increases your pet's enjoyment and adds variety in the bowl.

Providore feeding options
  • No fillers
  • Grain free
  • No gluten
  • No dairy

What goes in to Providore?

Dogs & cats digestive systems are able to process high levels of meat, organs & bone while certain foods, including fillers like grain, corn or rice, can be difficult and take longer to digest. A high meat diet provides concentrated levels of the essential amino acids that support the building and repairing of muscles & tissues. By feeding a raw high meat diet you provide quality, natural nutrition in line with dogs & cats biological needs, mimicking how they would eat in the wild.

Providore is made with New Zealand’s finest ingredients. Each one purposefully chosen to provide optimum nutrition and enjoyment for pets, with no grain, gluten, dairy or nasty fillers.