When it comes to pets, dogs and cats might be in the front of people’s minds. But have you seen how adorable guinea pigs are? Learn more about the benefits of becoming a guinea pig parent!

Guinea pig in girl's hands

1. Guinea pigs are easy to care for

Guinea pigs are incredibly cute! On a regular basis they need fresh hay, water and vegetables, as well as pelleted food and a vitamin C supplement. They will happily live in a large cage or hutch, as long as it is tidied daily and cleaned thoroughly every week. They also appreciate regular cuddles!

Guinea pig cuddles

2. Guinea pigs can enjoy life in an enclosed space, but still like to exercise

For potential pet parents in apartments, guinea pigs can be a blessing. They will be happy spending their days in their hutch, as long as they get some time in a larger enclosed area for exercise. Remember to check with your landlord if pets are allowed in your home! 

Guinea pig eating grass

3. They’re very talkative!

Like dogs and cats, guinea pigs have different personalities. Where one might be shy, others can be boisterous. They make a range of sounds including squeaks, rumbles, growls and they are even able to purr. It’s all to communicate how they’re feeling, and guinea pig parents will learn to understand their chirrupy animals. There’s also a quirk of behaviour in guinea pigs known as ‘popping’ or ‘popcorning’, where pigs can jump or throw their legs out, usually to show excitement!

Girl with Guinea Pig

4. They can be affectionate and cuddly

If guinea pigs are handled frequently and spend a lot of time with humans early in their lives, they are more likely to be comfortable with handling, and enjoy contact with their owners.

Girl smiling at guinea pig

5. Guinea pigs make good pets for families

Guinea pigs are a popular pet choice for families. They’re loved by kids for many of the above reasons, and care of a guinea pig or other small animal can be a great way bring the family together around a common objective. Kids can learn from their parents how to look after animals, too!


A few things to think about before welcoming a guinea pig:

  • Guinea pigs are social animals and generally benefit from being around other guinea pigs, though they don’t do well around animals such as dogs or cats, which are descended from predator species.
  • It’s important to give guinea pigs a balanced diet. Check with the staff at your local Petbarn or Greencross Vets for advice.
  • Guinea pigs love to be held and cuddled, however care should be taken as they are quite fragile. Small children should be supervised by an adult when handling guinea pigs.


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