If you or your family are enthusiastic and ready to own a pet, then a pet fish is a great start. Use the following guide to begin your exciting journey as a fish owner.


Are fish easy to look after?

Fish are very popular pets, and compared to the likes of dogs or cats, they are relatively easy to look after. There are many different types of pet fish and some are easier to care for than others. Some types of pet fish require very specific water conditions while others are more tolerant of different conditions. Provided the aquarium is set up with suitable filters and the water is correctly treated, most fish are not difficult to keep.

Since different pet fish have different needs, reading up on fish care at PetSpot will make for a good starting point.

Do Petbarn sell fish and all the accessories?

Petbarn is there for every type of pet, including fish! Petbarn sells a large range of fish and aquarium supplies. From fish food to filters, to lighting, water treatments and plants, Petbarn has you covered when creating a healthy, vibrant aquarium.

What are the essentials I need to get before I get my fish?

Before you buy your first pet fish, you will need a suitable aquarium, filter, water treatments and test kits in order to establish a suitable environment for your pet fish. The aquarium should be set up with your chosen gravel and ornaments then water should be added and appropriately treated to ensure the right conditions for your pet fish. It is important to know what type of fish you are going to add to the aquarium so that you can prepare the water correctly. The filter should be run from the time water is added and the aquarium should be cycled for about one week before the first fish are added.

Do fish need a big space or certain living environment?

It’s important for your fish’s health that you get the size of their tank right. Some pet fish grow fast and become large, and they grow in relation to their environment. To be sure, investigate how big your pet fish can grow in relation to the water capacity (litres) of their tank and create the right space for them according to that. Petbarn sell a range of aquariums to cater for different pet fish; from small benchtop-sized aquariums for a single Siamese fighting fish to large aquariums for large communities. Larger aquariums will provide more stable conditions for your pet fish and will generally be easier to look after.

How do I treat the water in the fish tank?

Most people use tap water in their tanks; it is easiest and cheapest to use. Unfortunately, local water companies add chemicals to the water to make it safe to drink (eg, by adding chlorine or chloramine to kill bacteria). Water should be tested regularly for pH and waste products such as ammonia and nitrate. Fish owners should test their tank’s water regularly using aquarium test kits and treat the water accordingly. It’s all part of ensuring pet fish live in the safest, most natural environment possible.

Can all fish live together?

Fish can be full of personality, which makes choosing the right pet fish so important. For a balanced, happy aquarium, get to know fish behaviour and how to select a fish community.

Fish also require specific water conditions based on their natural environment. For example, some pet fish need a high pH while others need a low pH. Some pet fish are aggressive and fast moving while others are small, placid and slow moving. Generally, pet fish should be kept with other fish of similar size and temperament.

It is also a good idea to select fish that will occupy different areas within the aquarium to avoid conflict. There are some pet fish that will occupy the bottom of the aquarium, such as catfish, there are also some that will stay near the surface such as panchax, while most will stay in the middle third of the aquarium. By mixing these types, not only will the fish be more compatible but it will make the aquarium look more full and natural.

Ready to become a fish owner? Head to PetSpot to learn more about keeping pet fish, or head to your nearest Petbarn store to talk to our staff.