What’s the first animal that comes to mind when owning a pet? Dogs? Cats? Not anymore! It’s time to start thinking of pet snakes, and here’s why…

1. They are relatively easy to take care of

As carnivores, snakes need one thing: meat. Among them are dead prey, including mice and rats, which can be purchased in-store in frozen packages. Remember to clean and refill water daily, too.

2. Snakes require minimal exercise

Let your pet snake do its own thing, thanks to some proper climbing equipment. Lots of branches and vines are a must.

3. Snakes enjoy spending time in their enclosure

The closer to the snake’s natural habitat, the better. So, set up your terrarium, include a ‘hide’ for them to rest and relax, some light, heating, and keep track of the floor and air temperature, and humidity too. Cover the base with newspaper, and top it off with branches, vines and rocks. Snakes will happily enjoy their abode as long as water and food is changed, and as their home is cleaned regularly.

4. Snakes groom themselves, so you don’t have to

Snakes shed their skin, usually once a month. For the process to be successful, remember to keep track of the temperature and humidity.

5. Snakes love to be handled

The earlier the snake is handled, the more the snake will find it comfortable and enjoyable to interact with her owners. Always handle snakes gently and with care.

6. Snakes make good pets for families

All these reasons add up to mean that snakes, among other animals, can make great pets for families. The care of a pet reptile gives the family a shared, common objective, plus, the responsibility of caring for a pet will put kids in good stead for the future.


  • A license is required before you obtain a pet snake and further to that, each state and territory has a different set of regulations, so it’s crucial that you understand the legal requirements.
  • Consult with your landlord to see if snakes in particular are allowed in the home
  • Visit your nearest Greencross Vets if your pet snake has failed to complete the shedding process.
  • And finally, children should have adult supervision when handling their pet snake.

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