If you have a new puppy, you might be wondering how to keep them healthy and happy. One of the most important things you can do for your furry friend is vaccinate them against dangerous diseases.

Puppy vaccination schedule

Why does my puppy need to be vaccinated?

As your puppy’s immune system is still developing, they are more vulnerable to contagions like viruses and bacteria. Vaccinations help your puppy develop immunity against infectious diseases that can cause serious illness or even death. Some of these diseases are very common in the environment but are easily prevented with vaccinations.

What diseases are puppies vaccinated against?

Vaccinations can protect your puppy from a range of serious and life-threatening diseases such as parvovirus, kennel cough, leptospirosis, distemper, and infectious canine hepatitis. The high number of cases of these diseases in Australia means that it is important to vaccinate your puppy to ensure they have the best chance of staying healthy.

It’s important to remember that vaccines don’t offer instant protection. It takes time for your puppy’s body to develop immunity. Your puppy must not go into public areas or interact with dogs that are not up to date with their vaccination schedule until 2 weeks after their final vaccination, otherwise they will be at risk of contracting canine parvovirus and other diseases.

Puppy vaccination schedule

The core puppy vaccines are typically given at three specific stages:

  • First vaccine at 6-8 weeks old (your puppy may have already received this before you brought them home)
  • Second vaccine at 10-12 weeks old
  • Third vaccine at 14-16 weeks old

Your puppy’s immunity will gradually wear off over time. They need regular booster vaccinations to stay protected. Your vet will tell you when your dog is due for their next booster vaccine.

Your puppy must be healthy to receive their vaccinations. It’s important to take your puppy for a health check with your local Greencross Vets before they receive their vaccine. This health check will also allow you to discuss any questions or concerns you may have with your vet.


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For more information on how to protect your pet and keep up to date with puppy vaccinations, visit your local Greencross Vets.