Before you choose a puppy to welcome home, make sure you’ve weighed up all the possibilities. Here’s our guide to finding the perfect match for you.

Choosing a Puppy

If you’ve decided that it’s the right time for you to bring a puppy into your household, we’re really happy for you (and slightly jealous of all the exciting times you have ahead)! This is a big life decision so you must make sure you’ve weighed up all the possibilities before you settle on your new family member. It’s really important that you find a puppy with traits that suit you and your lifestyle so we’ve assembled this guide on what to consider when choosing the perfect puppy for you.

Choose a puppy with the same energy level as you

Finding a puppy that matches your energy level is highly important. This also needs to be weighed up alongside how much space you have for them to play. Even if you have a big backyard, your puppy still needs dedicated exercise time (whatever the weather). If you don’t exercise your puppy enough – at least one walk per day – not only will they become bored, but they can become really destructive. Don’t adopt a high-energy companion if you aren’t ready to get serious about exercise!

A puppy’s breed can influence their temperament

Of course, every puppy is different, but certain breeds can stay true to temperaments passed down from generation to generation. Families need to look very closely at the puppies they adopt, aim for breeds that show few signs of aggression and undertake to educate their children about proper ways to behave with a puppy. It really pays to do your homework on the breed, whether mixed or full, to see if they will suit your personality. If you need more help, take our breed selector quiz.

Some breeds will require more grooming than others

Some puppies are very high-maintenance when it comes to grooming. Longer coats demand close attention and several trips to a professional groomer, so you’ll need to have time to stay on top of your pet’s grooming needs. Your readiness to live with shedding and pet hair is something you’ll also want to take into account. If you’re not keen on sweeping up the hair your puppy sheds every day, you should avoid heavy-coated puppies. Allergy sufferers should look to breeds, such as Poodles, that don’t shed.

How well-trained would you like your puppy to be?

Some puppy breeds are known to be obedient while others have a reputation for being more stubborn. Breeds such as Labradors and Border Collies are very trainable – you only have to consider their roles as guide dogs and working dogs to see what they are capable of. While no puppy should be considered low-maintenance, and you should allocate significant amounts of time to training them, you need to find a puppy that matches your expectations.

Will your puppy be kept indoors or outdoors?

Just as you take into account the size of your backyard, you need to have an idea of the parts of your home your new puppy will occupy. Some owners invite their puppies into every part of the home, while others prefer for their puppy to be an ‘outside’ pet. Different things work for different people, but if you’re thinking your puppy will live outside, be sure you choose a breed that can adapt. Their size and coat type will have an impact on your decision.

Is cost a major factor in your decision?

Again, it’s a case-by-case scenario, but some puppies are more prone to certain health issues. Bigger dogs will eat a lot more and some breeds may require specialty dog food to cater to their joints. Frequent vet checks, vaccinations and preventative treatments are also some of the recurring costs that will hit your hip pocket. We always recommend pet insurance to avoid some of the big vet bills that can come your way, so you really have to be sure that you can keep up with all of your pet’s expenses before taking the plunge.

To find the best match for you, use our Dog Breed Selector tool and come in to your local Petbarn for advice from our friendly and knowledgeable team members. Also, don’t forget about the incredible positives that can come from adopting a puppy from one of Petbarn’s adoption partners.

Having a puppy in your life is an amazing thing. Just do your homework first to ensure you choose the right puppy for your lifestyle, and you’re sure to have a brilliant time together!

Take our Dog Breed Selector quiz now!

Take our Dog Breed Selector quiz now!