We all know the feeling. When you spot that one animal that you know is practically your soulmate. You can sense the fun you’ll have together in the future. Here are eight examples of pet love at first sight!

Whether you’re adopting a pet, receiving a furry friend as a gift, or purchasing a companion, it’s impossible not to fall in love with your new best friend on seeing them for the first time.

1. These two made an adorable lunch date of their trip to the park. Too cute!

Happy woman sit with dog and looking at dog nose


2. Big rabbits mean even bigger hugs! This guy may look bemused, but his heart beats faster when his favourite human give him a cuddle.

Portrait of beautiful girl with rabbit


3. Mesmerising. Colourful. Lively. It’s enough to make any toddler wide-eyed, taking in the wonder of a potential new pet fish.

Mother and son watching fishes


4. A little kitten kiss goes a long way to improving a bad day!

Girl holding pet cat


5. Who says birds aren’t loveable! These two fell for each other almost immediately. Tweet tweet!

Portrait of a kid with domestic parrot


6. These girls are enjoying their first lazy Sunday together! They’re about to stretch out on the porch and soak in some morning sun.

Little Girl and cat play outside


7. What better way to end a day than a rumble in the grass? This pup and his human are tuckered out after a long day of play.

Girl Playing With Her Dog In The Meadow

To fall in love at first sight, head to your nearest Petbarn store, many of our stores offer pet adoption services!