Having a good grooming routine will help keep your puppy looking great! Here are our tips for getting grooming right.

Puppy grooming ears, eyes and nails

Grooming is one of those things that pet owners can neglect to do properly. If you don’t stay on top of your pet’s grooming needs, it’s easy for your pet’s fur to become unruly and unsightly. Here’s how to groom your puppy from head to toe for a clean and healthy pet.

Puppy grooming tips

  1. Different breeds require different care when it comes to grooming. Research your pet’s breed and what type of grooming brushes are best suited to your puppy
  2. Grooming should start off with gentle brushing for five minutes a day, even using the back of the brush initially, with a calm and reassuring manner
  3. Take things slowly. Stop the session before your puppy gets irritable
  4. Warm water and the use of puppy-specific products will help ease your puppy into the new experience
  5. Use plenty of treats and rewards for good behaviour
  6. Have a specific grooming area. A table is a good idea as the floor is not only seen as a play area by your puppy, it is also hard on your back
  7. Practise basic grooming techniques daily as soon as your puppy arrives at their new home. This makes future trips to the groomer less scary. Puppies should be booked in for an introductory groom 10 days after their final vaccination when it safe for them to go outside
  8. Wire- and long-coated puppies often need professional grooming so it’s important to get them used to washing and brushing. If you have a dog with this type of coat, they should feel comfortable with the noise and smells of a professional grooming salon

Special areas to focus on when grooming


Of course, all dogs need their eye health tended to, but some breeds require more upkeep than others. Dogs may need the hair around their eyes trimmed as the hair can get into their eyes and irritate them. Overgrown hair around dogs’ eyes can cause eye irritation and extra tears to be produced. Pale-toned dogs tend to develop red tear stains that need to be washed with a tear-stain remover, but it’s best to check in with your local Greencross Vets team to make sure there is no infection.


Certain breeds, such as Bichon Frise and Poodles are more prone to wax build-up and excess hair inside their ears than others. Checking your puppy’s ears frequently is an essential part of a grooming routine to avoid the chance of infection. Be on the lookout for ear mites – parasites that invade your puppy’s ear canal – as they are not that uncommon. Ear mites can cause serious damage to a puppy’s ear canals and eardrum if left untreated. It could even include permanent ear damage. They can cause intense itchiness and discomfort, so symptoms to look out for are scratching around the ears and head shaking. If the infection is advanced you’ll need to take your puppy to see your nearest Greencross Vets clinic.


A weekly brush will help your puppy’s coat stay clean and shiny. If your dog is a frequent shedder, we recommend a twice-weekly brush. That way, you’ll avoid getting their hair all over your house and clothes. When brushing them, part their hair to check for fleas. It’s good to look near the base of their tail and near their back legs, as well as behind their ears and between their toes as these are real flea hotspots. Our Flea, Tick and Worm Treatment Finder can help you find the best products to keep your puppy flea free.


Your puppy’s nails should naturally wear down from walking on hard surfaces but, as part of your grooming routine, you should get in the habit of checking your pet’s nails frequently. To help your puppy get used to getting their nails checked and clipped, play with their feet every day so they can become comfortable with their paws being handled. Special dog nail clippers can be used to carefully trim off the tip of each nail. Extreme care should be taken not to cut the pink part of their nail known as the “quick”. The quick contains blood vessel so will bleed badly and also be very painful if cut. If you are unsure, only take a little bit off at a time, or to ensure your pet is in safe hands, our professional Petbarn grooming salons offer this service.

Petbarn dog grooming

Petbarn dog grooming