Part of being a responsible dog owner is being prepared for the ongoing and unexpected expenses that may pop up over your dog’s lifetime. Considering most dogs live for 10-13 years (or longer), those expenses add up over time 

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How much does it cost to own a dog? The exact price is highly variable and will be different for every pet parent. According to Animal Medicines Australia’s 2022 Pets in Australia survey the average household spends $3,218 on their dog every year.  

While the exact cost differs for every individual dog, the general types of expenses dog owners should budget for are the same.   

Upfront costs 

When you first get your dog, there are a few expenses you’ll only have to pay once, or at least very infrequently. Some of these items may need to be replaced over the course of your dog’s lifetime, but they aren’t a regular recurring expense. 


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Regular ongoing costs 

For as long as your dog lives with you, you’ll need to pay for supplies to care for them.  

General costs: 


Preventative health expenses: 


To help offset the costs of these preventative health expenses, look into pet wellbeing programs like Healthy Pets Plus. Healthy Pets Plus members pay a small fee to access benefits like unlimited free consults with Greencross Vets and WebVet, reduced emergency consult fees, exclusive discounts on medications, free annual vaccines and wellness screenings, and more! 

Additional costs 

Optional (but beneficial) recurring costs: 


Potential medical costs: 



Potential expenses based on individual dog and owner circumstances: 

  • Replacing chewed and damaged items (especially during the teething months) 
  • Extra training (if needed) 
  • Pet sitting/ boarding 
  • Doggy day care 
  • Grooming 


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Owning a dog can get expensive, but the love they give us is priceless. If you ever need advice on what to buy for your dog, the friendly team members at your local Petbarn store are happy to help.