Are you thinking of getting a puppy? Or do you have a little one at home already?

Check out our Puppy Guide to discover everything you need to know to become an amazing puppy parent and give your puppy the care they need to live a happy and healthy life.

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Petbarn’s Puppy Guide is filled with our best tips on how to raise your puppy right. Developed in partnership with Greencross Vets we’ve covered everything you need to know throughout your puppy journey from preparing your home, your first days together, advice on health and training, and everyday items that will improve your lives.


  • Your essential puppy checklist
  • How to puppy proof your home
  • What to feed your puppy
  • Advice on vet visits
  • Puppy FAQs and answers
  • How to stop bad habits
  • Plus: coupons for great savings at Petbarn and much more!

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