One of life’s little wonders: does your little puppy dream when they’re in the land of nod? Here’s hoping…

Dog sleeping on pillow

Their legs twitch, their body quivers and barks escape their snout – all while sleeping. So, it’s safe to assume that yes, puppies and dogs do dream. Of course, we’ll never know for sure, but studies suggest that animals have complex dreams just like you and I do.

How do I know if my dog dreams?

You can test the theory by spying on your puppy or dog while they’re asleep. Wait until they doze off, and about 20 minutes into their slumber you may spot some changes. Your dog breathing might get faster, their feet might begin twitching or their eyes might start darting around beneath their eyelids. This rapid eye movement (REM) phase mirrors our own sleep patterns and is thought to be the prime time for dreaming.

What do dogs dream about?

They could be chasing their friends, playing with their favourite toys or digging a giant hole. The best clue to finding the answer is to look at what activities your puppy has been doing during the day. Research suggests that when animals dream they are visually recalling what has happened during their day. It’s also probably the reason why young puppies tend to dream more often as they have so much more new information to lock away into their memories.

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Let sleeping dogs lie

The best course of action to take when your puppy or dog is dreaming is to do nothing. Remember the saying ‘let sleeping dogs lie’? Interrupting your puppy or dog from a deep sleep – even if their whimpering is breaking your heart – can be disorientating for them. You may even get a nip or a bark for your trouble, especially if they were dreaming about fighting off some bad guys. Plus, like us, puppies’ growing brains greatly benefit from deep, uninterrupted sleep.

It’s completely normal and natural for your dog to dream, so don’t fret if they sound or look distressed while in the land of nod. Instead, wear them out during the day – that way, you know they’ll have a good night’s sleep and the sweetest dreams known to any canine.

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