Your puppy’s bed will be their safe space when they first arrive in your home, so it’s important to pick the right option and location for their size and circumstances. With such a huge range of crates, kennels and beds available, it can be hard to make an informed decision about where your puppy should sleep. Luckily there are some questions you can ask to help find the best bed option for your puppy.

Will your puppy sleep indoors or outdoors?

Before you buy a bed for your puppy, it’s important to think about whether your puppy will sleep inside or outside, as this will impact your decision. If your puppy is going to sleep outdoors, a plastic kennel, with additional soft bedding to keep them cosy, is a good option as they are easy to clean and well insulated. Remember that your puppy should not be going outside the home until they have finished their course of core vaccinations, and some breeds should not be kept outside as their coats are not thick enough to keep them warm.

If your puppy will sleep inside, consider whether or not they will sleep in their crate, as the crate’s dimensions will dictate the size of the bed. Whether your puppy will stay indoors or outdoors, make sure their sleeping area is away from direct sunlight and draughts so it will not become too hot or cold.


How big is your puppy?

This size of your puppy and how fast they will grow will also have an impact on the kind of bed you choose. Larger breed sizes will need more cushioning to make them comfortable while sleeping, while small breeds tend to feel the cold more and require more insulated bedding. It’s a good idea to measure your puppy before buying a bed so you get the right size, as some beds have weight and measurements guides to help you pick. On top of this, be sure the bed you pick offers enough space for your puppy to stretch out and relax. For crates and kennels, there needs to be enough room inside for your puppy to stand properly and lie down in so they don’t feel confined.

What is your puppy’s coat like?

Puppies with long and thick fur already have a natural layer of insulation so snuggly beds may actually cause them to overheat. These breeds are also prone to shedding so you should consider staying away from materials that will trap fur and make it hard for you to clean. For these furry friends, we recommend elevated pet beds which are made from easy-to-clean fabric and provide enough ventilation for your puppy.

The opposite is often true for short-haired breeds and so a cuddly bed basket can become a beloved place of refuge for your pup. Deep cushioned beds with raised sides are perfect for smaller dogs that need a little extra softness to feel contained and comfortable, or dogs that are particularly sensitive to cold weather. You may even find that a heated bed is the best option for your puppy in the colder winter months.

Final considerations

If your puppy is coming into a home with small children or other pets, a kennel or crate may be the best option, as it creates a safe zone for them to retreat to when they’re feeling overwhelmed. Don’t miss our tips on crate training your puppy so it becomes a space that they associate with comfort and safety.

Whether you decide that a kennel, crate or bed is the best option for where your dog should sleep, Petbarn has everything you need to create a warm and comfortable space for your puppy. Find your nearest store and ask any of our friendly team members for help or advice on your puppy’s sleeping habits and more.