It takes a lot of time, love, patience and money to raise these special working dogs for people who are blind or have low vision but not all puppies make it through training.

Are the Petbarn Seeing Eye Dogs Hope, Chilli and Archy one step closer to achieving their goal?

Happy Hope

Hope passes her 12 month assessment with flying colours

Last week Hope had a very special visit to the SEDA facility for her 12 month assessment.

Hope and her Puppy Carer were very pleased that she passed all of her tests and assessments with flying colours. During her visit, Hope also had her temperament analysis (she is has a lovely nature!) and her trainer is very impressed with her resilience.

Hope will soon enter her formal training. This training will take about a year to complete and during this time she will learn a lot of advanced skills that are essential for a working Seeing Eye Dog. Her time in training will also help her control her excitement around other dogs. There will be many other dogs at the centre, so she will have more exposure and practice at containing her excitement.

We wish Hope and all the other SEDA pups the best of luck on their journey, as they take the next steps to become fully-fledged Seeing Eye Dogs.

Walking during an assessment

Chilli is a great little listener and follows commands well.

Chilli recently visited SEDA for her 12 month assessment where she had x-rays of hips and elbows to ensure that her skeleton is sound and that she has no genetic problems.

The one-year old pup then had a temperament test, where she was taken to different areas and environment to see how she reacted. This involved walking in different areas to see how she coped, which is important to help her trainers to determine her potential as a working dog Seeing Eye Dog.

She walked in a straight line at an even pace, and doesn’t get too distracted. While she loves to have fun and play (she particularly adores children!) she is a great little listener and follows commands well.

Chilli coped very well with the city during her assessment. While out walking, they encountered a miniature poodle that weighed just 1.6kg. This gorgeous girl sat patiently next to the tiny poodle at the pedestrian crossing and behaved herself- she didn’t bark or get overexcited about the curly haired pup!

As part of her assessment, Chili also spent a few hours in the SEDA office, which is really important as it helps her trainer observe how she settles when she is off duty. Initially, she was very excited (because there was another Seeing Eye Dog in the vicinity!) but after a while she settled down and soon fell asleep.

If Chilli passes all of her physical tests, she may become a breeding dog because her behaviour is incredibly disciplined.

Overall, Chilli’s prospects look very good and time will tell if she goes onto becoming a Seeing Eye Dog, or enters SEDA’s breeding program to produce litters of well-behaved little pups like her.


The very handsome Archy

Archy responds very well to being in a car and jumps in and out with confidence and ease.

Archy passed with flying colours at his 12 month assessment. His trainer says he is a confident and calm puppy, for most of the time. Although, sometimes he does get a little excited when he sees other dogs, but his trainer doesn’t have too much difficulty getting his attention back on track.

Archy copes well in crowds with all the noises and smells, and his walking pace is manageable for his trainer. He is used to most forms of transport (aside from airplanes) and adapts very well to each mode.

Archy passed his eye exam which can sometimes be quite common problems in dogs, and prevent a Seeing Eye Puppy from becoming a fully-fledged Seeing Eye Dog.

Archy responds very well to being in a car and is happy enough jump in and out with confidence and ease.

In public, he sometimes has hesitations with getting into a lift (especially when it moves) but once he gets used to lifts, his trainer is confident that he will overcome this very quickly.

Archy is a good little boy who takes everything in his stride and his trainers are really happy with his progress.

The lovely little lad is progressing well and it looks as if he will either continue down his Seeing Eye Dog Training, or become a breeding dog to produce more obedient pups.

Now that’s three of our puppies that are one step closer to becoming Seeing Eye Dogs, will Maverick, Bailey and Skyla pass too? Stay tuned for an update in the coming weeks.