A well-trained puppy makes your life easier and will help to keep your puppy safe. Read on to find out how to teach your puppy to sit, stay and come.

The first few days with your puppy is sure to be filled with cuddles, play time and pats, but it’s important to also focus on training. Using positive methods will not only establish a love of training but will also develop a strong bond between you and your puppy. Here are some easy steps to teach your puppy to sit, stay and come.

To learn even more basic commands, enrol your puppy in your nearest Petbarn puppy school where a qualified trainer will take you both through all the fundamentals including toilet training and walking on a lead.

How to teach a puppy to sit

This is one of the easiest commands you can teach your puppy and mastering this cue means you’ll be well on your way to a great relationship with your pet! Soon your puppy will learn that sitting is like saying ‘please’ which is a great behaviour that you want to encourage.

Step 1. Hold a treat over your puppy’s nose and slowly move it above their head.
Step 2. Your puppy will tilt their head back and most likely sit down of their own accord.
Step 3. As soon as their bottom is on the floor, reward your puppy with the treat and praise them.
Step 4. Repeat this exercise again but add the word ‘sit’ right at the moment they sit down, rewarding your puppy if they respond correctly.
Practice these steps regularly and encourage your puppy to sit before meals, when you’re putting their collar on and other situations when you want them to be calm and well-behaved.

How to teach a puppy to stay

Once you and your puppy have mastered ‘sit’, it’s best to tackle this cue next. ‘Stay’ is a useful command when you want your puppy to hold their position and not run off.

Step 1. Use a light, long lead and ask your puppy to sit.
Step 2. Place your palm out in front of the dog and say clearly ‘stay’ or ‘wait’.
Step 3. Reward your puppy if they do not move. Congratulations – you have just taught your puppy what a palm hand signal means.
Step 4. Once again, place your palm out in front of the puppy and say ‘stay’ or ‘wait’ and then take one backwards step away from them.
Step 5. If your puppy stays, reward them.
Step 6. Now try again, but this time taking two steps backwards.
Step 7. Over time you can continue taking one extra step moving further away from your puppy and without the lead until they have mastered this cue.

How to teach a puppy to come

This basic cue is one of the most important to master and one that your puppy should know before you let them off leash outside.

Step 1. Hold your puppy’s lead and keep them on a long lead, letting them wander around as they please.
Step 2. When you want your puppy to come, hold a treat at their level and say the word “come”.
When they respond correctly to this cue, it’s important to praise them. Give them a treat and a gentle pat. As training progresses, you won’t have to reward them with a treat every time. Eventually just a pat or a praising word will do the trick.
Step 3. Focus on your intonation and make the word “come” sound more interesting than anything else in your puppy’s environment. It’s a good idea to play games with your puppy that involve the ‘come’ cue to keep them excited about returning to you when called.

Your puppy looks to you for guidance, so fostering a strong relationship of love and respect is key at this early stage. Keep at your training and don’t let your hard work go to waste by not practising. It’s important start your training early using positive methods, by keeping things light and fun to ensure your puppy is happy – which makes for happier humans, too!

Why is puppy school so important?

During the early months of your puppy’s life, it is crucial that they learn socialisation and communication skills. These early life experiences influence how your puppy will play, communicate and learn as they develop into an adult dog, and puppy school is the best way to ensure you and your puppy learn and grow together in a safe and positive learning environment. Enrol your puppy into the puppy school at your local Petbarn today and give them a great foundation to learn in life.

Enrol your puppy in Petbarn's Puppy School

Enrol your puppy in Petbarn's Puppy School