Nothing takes the gloss off returning home to your overexcited dog like a fresh puddle of pee. Usually, it’s no big deal and can be cleaned up quickly, but here are a few tips on teaching your puppy or dog better control.

Puppy pees when excited

Why do puppies pee when they’re excited?

Puppies under the age of twelve months are the most likely to urinate when they’re excited, as they’re still learning to control their bladders. In most cases your puppy will just be so excited that they temporarily lose control of the muscles closing their bladder and will either dribble or sprinkle out just a little bit of urine, rather than a large puddle.

When does it happen?

Excitement peeing may occur while you’re playing together, when friends drop by, or when you return home after being out. Basically, any event that raises your dog’s excitement levels.

How to stop problem peeing
  • When your dog has an accident, clean it up quietly and don’t create a fuss
  • Instead, praise your puppy with treats when they pee in the correct area or during walks
  • Play together and greet each other outside more often than inside. This might not fix the problem, but it will ensure your dog leaves less mess for you to clean up
  • Ignore your dog when you arrive home. It may seem harsh, but it will give them time to calm down. Make sure guests and family members do the same
  • Teach your dog to sit calmly when greeting people. If you have trouble teaching your dog new tricks, try buying a clicker or going to puppy school together
  • Be patient. You’re not going to fix your puppy’s toilet troubles overnight, and your calmness will rub off on your puppy
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What if it doesn’t stop?

Rest assured, most young dogs do grow out of it. And if they’re taking a while, it can be easily addressed. However, if your pup doesn’t seem to be growing out of excitement urination, the most responsible thing to do as a pet parent is to visit your local Greencross Vets for a medical checkup.