There are many benefits to adopting a puppy so if you’re thinking of bringing a new furry family member home, consider adopting from a shelter rather than purchasing from a breeder or pet store. Here are just a few reasons why adopting a puppy could be the perfect solution for you.

Adopting a puppy

You’re saving a life

Sadly, a staggering amount of puppies and dogs are surrendered every year. Whether it’s because the pet’s parents divorced, moved away or decided that having a dog didn’t work with their lifestyle, it’s worth remembering that often it’s not the ‘fault’ of the animal itself. Adopting is a great way to ensure these puppies and dogs have a well-deserved second chance and find happiness in a new, loving home.

Adoption fees go towards caring for other animals

While the adoption fee will vary from pet to pet, all of Petbarn’s adoption animals have undergone a comprehensive vet check and have been desexed. All dogs and cats are microchipped, treated for internal and external parasites, and have had their initial vaccination. When you adopt a pet from Petbarn, the entire fee goes directly back to the rescue organisation that initially sheltered the pet.

You can adopt a trained pet

Puppies require a lot of training and attention. They don’t come toilet trained, they chew things incessantly, and haven’t yet learned good social etiquette around humans. Basically, they need constant supervision for the first few months. If you’re not fully convinced that a young puppy is the right match for you, you should consider adopting an adult dog. Older pets have often graduated from behaviour training programs like Puppy School, know what it’s like to live with humans, and generally settle into new homes quicker.

Don’t inadvertently finance puppy farms

Prevent the sale of puppies from puppy farms or irresponsible breeders by choosing to adopt. The more people buy puppies, the more puppy farms profit. Puppy farms are usually large-scale commercial operations that, according to the RSPCA, “fail to meet the dogs’ behavioural, social and physiological needs”. Puppies that grow up in these farms can suffer from diseases and develop behavioural problems. The RSPCA adds: “Puppies and breeding animals kept on puppy farms live in appalling conditions. Dogs are often kept in overcrowded and filthy environments”. Discouraging these awful practices is a strong reason for you to adopt a puppy instead of buying one.

Find a pet that matches your personality

When bringing home a young puppy, you often will have no indication of what their personality is like. Especially for those who have small children, you want to be assured of your new pet’s temperament before you welcome them into your family. With adopted pets, you can have a chat to your local Petbarn adoption expert to see what animals they have available. They will be able to match you with a dog that has the personality and behaviour to best suit your family. While a puppy’s temperament can be influenced by their breed, don’t discount shelters and rescue groups if you have your heart set on a particular breed; there are rescue organisations that specialise in rehoming purebred puppies.

These benefits are just some of the many reasons to adopt a puppy instead of buying one. If you want to find out more about how you can support your local animal shelter and bring home a puppy of your own, have a chat with our friendly team members at your Petbarn store today!

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Take our Dog Breed Selector quiz now!