We meet the happy Fuller family who have recently adopted a pet puppy named Maggie. Here’s how she has changed their lives for the better.

A happy puppy named Maggie sits on a lawn.My wife and I had been discussing buying a pet. We have three children, two with dog-fear issues, but one who desperately wanted a pet. We agreed we had to find a pet that was small, child friendly and that had a low-allergy coat.

We started looking online and one of our searches led to pet adoption. We read about it and thought it sounded like a good idea. Then we started searching for options close by. At the bottom of page three of a search, we found this little girl. She’d been dumped at the local pound, with no details and no breed info. Even the vets couldn’t be sure what she was. What we saw was something that matched what we were looking for.

We made an appointment and went for a visit. Initially named Tiny (she was certainly small) she had a short coat and was very shy. What ever happened in her first eight or so weeks, she wasn’t the most confident of pups. We thought it over and decided she was the one for us. We went to Petbarn, finalised the details and brought her home. The kids got a big surprise when they opened the back door and there she was sitting under the trampoline!

She is now named Maggie and is one of the family. She’s full of fun and mischief, loves being walked, and even helped decorate the Christmas tree last year. She plays fetch and can chew pretty much anything. She really enjoys having her tummy rubbed and is loved by all of us.

If anyone is thinking of adopting a pet, we can only speak from our experience encourage you all to go through with it.

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