Furry friends bring much joy and love to a family. If you’ve decided that the time is right for a pet and want to adopt, here are 10 things you ought to know.


1. Adopted pets are healthy and happy

You never have to worry about your pet running away as shelters microchip your pet, they can be easily traced back to you – making adoption even more cost-friendly!



2. Pets up for adoption are often already trained

Puppies are like kids; they need to be taught right from wrong. Shelter dogs are already trained meaning it’s not up to you to teach them all the do’s and don’t’s. From basic commands, to walking on a leash trained dogs can make it a whole lot easier.



3. You’re saving your furniture when you adopt!

Most animals are also toilet-trained meaning you not only save a life, but you also save your couch.



4. They’re socially adapted, and family friendly

Your new addition is likely to be friendly and sociable, as it has already had the change to mingle with other pets and families.



5. By adopting, you’re saving lives

Rest easy knowing you’ve saved a life and given a loving animal a new home. Go be the hero you are.



6. Pets that are up for adoption are usually already desexed

Taking your family pet to be desexed is not only expensive, it is time-consuming and worrisome! Animal shelters will desex your pet, so alleviate that stress and adopt!



7. Pets in shelters are just looking for love

Most of the time, animals are in shelters because they didn’t fit in with their past owners life. They’re not damaged or bad animals, they’re just looking for the perfect fit.



8. If you’re after a puppy or kitten – many shelters and rescue organisations can help you!

If your heart is set on a young animal you can watch grow into an adult then worry not, adoption shelters have puppies and kittens too.



9. Of course, most pets that are looking for forever homes are adult animals

Similarly if you’re after a quiet, relaxed senior dog who will loyally sit by your side and only ever ask for a belly rub and walks then you’ll be sure to find your next best friend.



10. Like all pets, they improve your health and your life

Having a pet brings unconditional love and joy into your world. Your furry friend will make you happier and reduce stress.

With more than 20 adoption partners, Petbarn can help find the right pet for you. If you’re on the lookout for a new pet, learn more at our adoption page.