Catch up on all the news from our friends at Seeing Eye Dogs Australia, where the new puppy recruits are making a lot of headway with their training!


Belle Bella-v2


Belle’s personality is growing bigger and brighter than ever. Her Puppy Carer says she radiates so much joy, leaving people entertained and smiling. Not only is she killing it in the Entertainment Department, she’s crushing this Seeing Eye Dog Training Program, too.





Benson is one smart cookie. He gained a new trick up his sleeve recently. Can you guess which one? Nope, try again. Nah-uh, not that one. Give up? Lo and behold, Benson can wash his dirty paws in a bucket of water before he comes inside. How clever! The smart little pup is training to become a Seeing Eye Dog and it looks like Benson is well on his way!



Molly’s outside, soaking those little rays of sunshine. She loves the outdoors, doesn’t she? On weekends, Molly loves to go camping and sit by the fire after a day spent running around – it’s one of her favourite things to do! Molly, at the same time, is keeping up with training to become a Seeing Eye Dog, and her Carer is confident that Molly will make a great one.



Leyla’s a sweet pup who’s keen to master new skills and commands. If there’s one skill she’s crushing right now, it’s this: She’s a pro on the lead when she goes for walks with her Puppy Carer. And boy, her amazing obedience gets compliments from admirers. Thanks to her willing personality, Leyla is set to become a working Seeing Eye Dog.



Missy loves to be surrounded by company. Proof? The gorgeous pup loved to play with the other gorgeous pups in temporary care, all day, everyday. Even the students at her Carer’s primary school were excited to see the lovable pup. As Missy grows in both size and personality, she will continue her training to become a Seeing Eye Dog.




If there’s an Oscar for Best Dog to be Around at Work, it’ll go to Oscar. Why? One: He accompanies his Carers to work every day. Two: He’s well behaved at their office. And three: He’s happy to sit patiently – an important skill for future Seeing Eye Dogs. Speaking of which, Oscar is progressing well with his training and his Carers are confident the pup will be for someone who is blind.



Willow’s a triple threat and you best believe it. She gets along with others, one being a greyhound named Kelli; She loves the occasional trip to the local shops and the market, soaking in all the different smells, sounds and sights; And finally, she’s one well-behaved pup, that’s for sure. These three traits will guide her as a qualified Seeing Eye Dog.



Willa has a thing with walks. Big walks, small walks, group walks – you name it! Proof? She went on a group walk with other Seeing Eye Dogs in training, strolling ‘round the attractions of Melbourne, including the Abbotsford Convent, the river and the Collingwood’s Children Farm – an important skill to possess! Willa: The true Queen of Keen.



Yogi’s out ’n’ about with his Puppy Carers. Passers by can’t help but comment on his well-behaved and calm nature. I mean, just look at his overall cuteness! It’s one of the important traits to qualify as a working Seeing Eye Dog and with continued obedience training and guidance, Yogi looks to have a promising career as a Seeing Eye Dog.




Toby’s experiencing the post-holiday blues. He spent the busy Christmas period visiting so many places with his Puppy Carers. Don’t worry, Toby, we feel your struggle. In fact, we can all struggle together. Now, in all seriousness, Toby is progressing well in his training to become a Seeing Eye Dog, and has mastered the conga line of commands – including sit, stay, drop, wait and come.

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