Their big eyes, tiny limbs and perpetual confusion – what’s not to love?

It’s not difficult to convince anyone where kittens sit on the cuteness meter – extreme cuteness of course! Here are some of our favourite kitten traits that will confirm your everlasting love.

Showing off their belly

What human is immune to an adorable kitten rolling onto their back to show off their belly? Kittens aren’t strangers to a cheeky belly rub every now and then, and being so small, they are all the more cute when they wriggle around on the carpet.

Squishing into small spaces

One of the most charming kitten traits is when they miscalculate the spaces they’re going to fit in to. Watching their endless attempts to squeeze into the tiniest items like a container or a postage box is bound to leave you smiling. The best part is their sheepish demeanor after you’ve freed them from their sticky situation.

Paw swatting

A confused kitten will certainly be the cutest thing you see all week. Their eyes, the head twitch, their paws swatting aimlessly in the air, what’s not to love?


Not to be confused with meowing, mewing could be one of the most adorable noises a kitten can make. They tend to make a high-pitched chattering sound when they see something interesting like a bug flying nearby. The soft sound as their eyes dart around the room – gorgeous!

Sleeping in funny places

We’re all a little jealous of this loveable trait kittens have – they can sleep just about anywhere in any position. Upside down, crossed over, in a bathtub, or a pot plant, a kitten’s sleeping habits are perfectly entertaining.

Head pushing

Possibly one of the most endearing things kittens do is pushing their head into your hand in the hopes for a nice head scratch – their determination is so sweet! The light pressure of their head as they try their hardest to get attention is irresistible – if you’ve ever had a kitten you’ll know.

High speed running

Another tendency kittens have is the sudden burst of energy that have them bounding at high speeds aimlessly around the house. They don’t have a care in the world for anything around them but, being so small, it’s hard to scold them for being so crazy and far easier to laugh and join in the fun.

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