Play it cool with these top winter looks for your furry friends this coming season.

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That’s a wrap

Baxter the Dachshund loves his silky coat and he hates being out of trend. Not only does this matching scarf and wrap beanie make him look uber chic but it also protects his coat from those nasty winter chills.



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Commander Cool

Harry the French Bulldog will not only be keeping warm this winter but he’ll also be laying down the law in his cool camo bomber jacket.






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A piece for every personality

Every dog has their own unique personality and these snuggly winter coats with a collar can reflect that in all different colours and patterns.

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Stay sharp in sherpa

Could this Dachshund be anymore dashing? Probably not, because his new winter wooly coat has got him completely covered and straight to our top 10 looks of the season.




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Beat the cold in style

Kick the cold to the curb like Chet with these fun weatherbeetas. New and exclusive to Petbarn.




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It’s a walk in the park

Your everyday winter worries are over with these easy good-to-go coats. Slide them on, grab your lead and you’re ready to go.




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Tie it all together

Please everyone, hold your a-paws, because it’s Baxter in a Bow-tie. Perfect for those fancy occasions, like a birthday, or a Monday, or dinner.






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Snuggle season

These Sherpa coats are sure to both keep your dog warm in winter, and add to their cuddle-factor. Cuteness overload! 



These outfits and more are available at your local Petbarn store.