Like the other Petbarn pups, Archy had his 6 month assessment in August and his Puppy Development Officer was very impressed with his progress and how far he has come.

Archy continues to build on his socialisation skills and goes to his usual places including parks, the shops and restaurants.

Archy also went to a very quiet church with his Carer, and everyone Archy on a bushwalkkept commenting on how well behaved the lovable Lab was during the whole service.

Amongst Archy’s outings he visited a toy store, where there were many children who were all curious about the pup and why he was allowed to go into the store. Archy’s carer was quick to explain that Archy is a very special pup.

Archy’s carer loves educating people in the community about the work that Archy will grow up to do. It is important that people in the community have an understanding of Seeing Eye Dogs and how important it is not to pat them or distract them while they are wearing their blue SEDA coats and harnesses.

Both Archy’s Carer and his Puppy Development Officer are impressed with his progress and say he is well on his way to becoming a life-changing Seeing Eye Dog for someone who is blind or has low vision.




Bailey had an outing to Mt Coot tha in Brisbane, where he got to meet up with other SEDA pups.  He loved exploring the area, watching the ducks and playing with the other pups. He did very well walking across stones over water and didn’t break concentration- not even to have a splash in the stream!

Sometimes Bailey can get slightly impatient and tries to walk ahead too quickly. This is something that his carer continues to work on with him, and Bailey will soon break this habit.

Bailey has also been helping his Puppy Carer with the gardening and he now Bailey and Nortonunderstands that it is not his job to do the weeding! Some rabbits paid a visit to the farm and Bailey just watched them from a distance- even as they ate all of the parsley!

Bailey is quite unfazed by other animals on the farm and does not get distracted or misbehave when they are around.

Bailey has enjoyed the winter and loves to sleep in front of the fire on the colder nights. His carer expects he will have a ball in the Spring, exploring the farm and all of the new smells that come with the changing season.



Chilli has been going on many outings with her Puppy Carer, including visiting sporting matches, shopping centres and lots of car trips. She has also been going on many public transport trips and is very confident on trams, buses and trains.

Chilli is easy to control on her lead and is unfazed while out walking. She was recently out with her Puppy Development Officer, and passed some very loud road works. The brave young pup did not even flinch, and continued on her path.  This is wonderful for her future role as a Seeing Eye Dog as she maintained concentration and didn’t get distracted. Well done Chilli!

At times, Chilli used to get impatient while sitting in the one place. She would sometimes grow restless at cafes and would bark to indicate that she would like So well behavedto keep walking.  She has been working on this with her Puppy Carer and now she sits quietly at cafes and no longer barks.

Chilli tends to get quite excited about other dogs and wants to have a play. Her Puppy Development Officer finds it quite easy to change her focus, especially if there is food involved.  Recently, an older golden retriever passed her and was barking in her direction. Although Chilli was getting excited, she was able to sit and wait, and then walk past him quite calmly.

Chilli is a relaxed girl around the home and very well behaved. She has come a long way in her development and continues to impress her Puppy Development Officer and Puppy Carer.