Forget the gym for weight loss. Get out and about and let your pet help you to lose those extra kilos.


Get out there

Exercise is a key component to a healthy lifestyle, and to losing weight. This goes for humans and their pets. If you have a dog, you need to exercise them daily. Instead of letting your dog run wild at the dog park, or in the backyard, fit a harness or lead and go walking, running or even cycling with them. This will get both of you active and moving, the first steps to slimming down.

Dish it up

Your pets are dependent on you for everything in their lives. When you feed them you should take a few things into account, such as what your pet is eating. Ensure that you have them on the correct super premium diet for their breed and age, and watch how much they eat. There are also specifically formulated weight management diets for dogs that can help your pet.

Apply this thinking to your own food – eating the right types of fresh, unprocessed foods and the right amounts, as per the packet directions, will help you to keep your weight under control.

Pick an active breed

If you’re yet to choose a breed of dog, and want to get out and be active with them, consider choosing a breed that requires a lot of  exercise. Border Collies, Kelpies and Australian Cattle Dogsare all breeds that require high levels of physical activity to remain healthy. If you can commit to giving them this, you may just find that exercise is more and more a part of your daily life, once you adopt your pup.

Clocking in

Pets like routine and will adjust to activities that are repeated at the same time over several days. Getting into an exercise routine with your dog, especially if its at the same time every day, will cause them to expect to exercise at that same time each day. Surely the prospect of getting out there with your puppy is enough to get those legs working!

Don’t overdo (or underdo) it

Every breed has different exercise requirements and shouldn’t be exercised more or less than this. Make sure you research your breed, and ask your vet about exercise requirements, before committing to an extensive exercise regime with your pet.