Having a vision impairment or blindness makes navigating the world, and experiencing everyday life, much more difficult. That’s why it’s so important for organisations like Seeing Eye Dogs Australia to train and supply highly skilled dogs to help those people affected by full or partial blindness and other vision impairment.

Seeing Eye Dogs Australia (SEDA) is a division of Vision Australia, which exists “To support people who are blind or have low vision live the life they choose”. Through the supply of seeing eye dogs, Vision Australia and SEDA succeed in making people’s lives better.

SEDA is Australia’s only national organisation which breeds, trains and supplies seeing eye dogs, and have been for longer than 50 years. Petbarn is supporting SEDA in 2016, aiming to raise both awareness and much-needed funds for the organisation to train more dogs for people in need.

You can learn some interesting facts about the dogs, the journey they go through to become qualified, and some tips about how to act around someone with a working dog on our PetSpot site. Also check out the cute pups currently training to be seeing eye dogs here.

Find out more about seeing eye dogs, and donate to the cause, on the Petbarn website.