Tear stains are a common concern for some pet owners, but there are some easy solutions for getting on top of these unsightly marks on your pet’s fur.

Puppy having tear stains on its eyes

What starts out as gunk around your dog’s eyes can quickly turn into big, brown tear stains if you don’t stay on top of good pet care and grooming habits. These stains are more apparent on white-furred dogs, as the pigment in their tears dyes the fur more easily. Tear stains also more commonly affect dogs breeds with shallow eye sockets, such as Pugs, Poodles, Malteses and Shih Tzus.

Here are a few grooming tips that will help keep your dog’s eyes stain-free:

Buy a tear stain remover

The first product on your shopping list should be a good tear-stain remover. If used daily, you should be able to see improvement around your dog’s eyes in no time. Divine Pets Tea Tree stain remover contains no peroxide, bleach or any other harsh chemicals, so it’s very safe to use on your pet daily. Only use products specifically made for pets as human products may be dangerous to your pet.

Try clippers

If the area around your dog’s eyes is proving a little too tainted, use clippers to cut off any excess brown fur. This technique works well for Maltese, because not only is their fur snow-white, but it’s also a little longer and can be easily cut back. For safety reasons, it’s important to use clippers, not scissors, around your dog’s eyes. The professionals at your local Petbarn Grooming salon can help you with clipping stained fur in delicate areas.

Petbarn dog grooming

Petbarn dog grooming

Regularly use eye wipes

Good pet care involves cleaning around your dog’s eyes with pre-moistened wipes on a daily basis to get rid of the dust, dirt and gunk that contribute to the brown stains in the first place. Well & Good Dog Eye Wipes will not only keep your dog’s face clean, but they’ll help soothe irritated eyes.

Visit your local vet

If the above advice doesn’t do the trick, or you’re concerned about the amount of gunk that is constantly building up around your dog’s eyes, visit your local Greencross Vets. Just as your eyes flush out foreign objects, so do your dog’s, so your vet should be able to ascertain the root cause of the problem.


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