Tips on how to Build A Bowl

Mix n’ match combinations to build your bowl

The benefits of mixed feeding and why it’s a great way to mix up mealtimes for your pet, improve their wellbeing, happiness and health.

Dry and Fresh:

If you don’t want to make too much fuss about building your bowl but still want to give your dog a delicious meal, then a combination of dry food with a fresh topper is the way to go. You can still make your bowl delicious for your dog with a 70% dry combination and a 30% fresh variety added, which is a failsafe bowl combination. You can add hydration with a fresh roll or with fresh mince or other fresh varieties that add in textures and new flavours to a dry kibble base.


Dry and Frozen:

Frozen is a fun and interesting combination to add into any dry food base diet, it’s hydrating, flavoursome, and adds freshness and variety to your dog’s bowl. It’s also convenient for a pet parent to keep and use as needed when you want to mix up your dog’s bowl. Frozen rolls are great to have in the freezer ready for when you need them.


Dry and Raw:

Many breeders believe in a raw diet or a balanced raw and dry diet for puppies and as creatures of habit we stick to these routine diets from day one when our pets come home. While it’s fine to add balance and variety from including some raw ingredients like raw beef mince it’s important to think of texture and the caloric density of what you’re adding to your dog’s bowl as too much raw can be detrimental to a dog’s teeth. There’s also the added consideration of hygiene and contamination with raw food, similar to how pet parents are mindful of handling raw produce in the right way.


Dry and Wet:

If your dog predominately has dry food such as kibble or biscuits either once or twice a day, then by adding in a frozen roll, or a tin of wet food as a combination bowl can make mealtimes even more enjoyable for your dog. The mixture in textures, smells and moisture will not only excite the senses but add variety to your dog’s bowl. A dry base mixed in with a wet addition is the go-to bowl for pet parents who are no fuss but still want the best for their pet whilst also prioritising hydration.