If you want to make a change to your dog’s diet that puts their health as the top priority, super premium dog food is definitely worth it.

Managing your dog’s health starts with their diet, and it’s important to know that not all pet foods are created equal. While the cost at the register might be the most influential element in your decision, remember that what you pay for your dog food will be a determining factor in its quality.

There are a number of details that put some dog foods above the rest, and when you look at the benefits of high-quality formulations it’s hard to go past the strong impact on your pet’s health. Understand which is the right food for your unique dog using our Dog Food Finder Tool.

Start our Dog Food Finder Tool

Start our Dog Food Finder Tool

How to choose the best food for your dog

If you’re weighing up what to feed your dog, the best place to look for information is the packet. Head straight to the ingredients list and check out the first three ingredients listed. A specifically named animal-based protein, such as chicken, beef, lamb etc, should appear here, as this indicates the major ingredient by weight present.

Also be sure to check out the nutrition information panel on the back of the pack, which will indicate the fat and protein levels. You want to be sure that your chosen dog food is delivering the right balance of nutrients and essential vitamins to your pet. The best quality dog foods will feature the AAFCO stamp of approval and preferably also the PFIAA stamp.


Why super premium dog food is worth it

Premium pet food is specifically formulated to deliver a complete and balanced, healthy diet for your pet. With high-quality ingredients and a scientific approach to the balance of vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and carbohydrates, choosing one of these foods is the right step in taking charge of your dog’s health.

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Here are just some of the benefits you and your dog will experience with super premium dog food:

Suits the needs of your unique dog

Super premium dog foods offer specific formulations targeting breeds, sizes, life stages and health levels so you know that you’re making the right choice for your unique pet. The balance of nutrients, and shape and size of kibble are also designed to meet the nutritional and functional needs of different dogs. Super premium foods are also available in ranges that cater to special health needs such as dental care or joint support.

Better digestion

The science behind the formulation means that you can see guaranteed levels of quality protein, fats and carbohydrates and the levels of dietary fibre are optimised for promoting digestive health. By using quality digestible ingredients, your dog will absorb more of the nutrients, and hence will produce smaller, firmer stools which makes it easier for you to clean up afterwards.

Healthy inside and out

Super premium dog food contains omega 3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. Additional levels of DHA, an omega 3 fatty acid, enhances brain and eye function, meaning that your dog will be healthier and happier for longer.

Lower cost per feed

As premium dog foods are nutrient dense, your dog will feel full with a smaller serving size compared to non-premium food. Due to this, you will actually get a larger number of feeds per bag of super premium dog food, reducing the cost of each serve. By taking this cost per feed into account, you may find that the overall cost of feeding your dog has only increased slightly, and the health benefits of super premium food more than make up for this.

Nutrition is a decisive part of good health, so make sure you’re feeding your pet with their best interests in mind. Try our Dog Food Finder Tool or feel free to chat with a friendly Petbarn team member in-store for more advice on choosing the right food for your dog.