What is air-dried raw dog food?

Air-dried raw dog food closely mimics how your dog would have eaten in the wild with the additional convenience of being hygienic and shelf stable, without having to handle raw meat. These foods prioritise a high level of meat (over 90%) in their ingredients with quality plants, oil, vitamins & minerals. Compared to dry kibble, the cooking techniques used to make air dried raw food are very gentle so it produces nutrient-dense food that retains more of the natural proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Why feed air-dried raw dog food?

Domesticated canines share DNA with wild animals including wolves. Like their predecessors, dogs’ digestive systems have evolved from eating raw in the wild and are able to process meat, organs & bones. Being omnivorous, our canine pets are unable to completely digest certain plants so foods that contain these can be more difficult to process and may offer less nutritional benefit.

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Air-dried raw foods are packed with nutrients, energy and are grain free. This type of diet is also good for fussy eaters and small dogs as it is nutrient-dense and will help them get the nutrition they need to thrive, even if they only eat small portions.

When to feed air-dried raw dog food?

All air-dried foods at Petbarn, such as Providore and Ziwi Peak, are complete and balanced. Air-dried raw food can be fed as your dog’s everyday staple food or can be sprinkled over kibble as a tasty topper. It is a convenient way of providing more of the nutrition canines need, with less of the hunting and less mess.

If you are interested in feeding air-dried raw food to your dog, explore our quality range online or reach out to a team member at your local Petbarn store for more information.

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