Easter is a time for family, friends, and of course, our pets. This year, why not try some new traditions that include your furry companions? 

 Here’s how you can make Easter a memorable occasion for every member of your household, including the ones with paws and claws. 

1. Egg-citing Easter treat hunt 

Involving pets in Easter egg hunts where you’re hunting chocolate eggs is a big no-no. Keep your pets far away from chocolate eggs. Instead, create a pet-friendly Easter egg hunt by hiding treats around your garden or home. Use brightly coloured plastic eggs to stash away treats for your dog or cat. Ensure the treats are suitable for your pet’s diet to avoid any tummy troubles. 


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2. DIY pet-safe Easter baskets

Craft an Easter basket filled with pet-safe toys and goodies. Include cute bunny toys for dogs, catnip for felines, and interactive chew toys for birds and small animals. They cannot eat chocolate, but there are plenty of other safe and delicious treats to include in the basket for your cat, dog, bird, or small animal 

3. Give back to animal charities

Easter is about giving, so consider supporting a pet charity like the Petbarn Foundation. Donate funds or supplies to help animals in need, volunteer at a local shelter, or include items like the Petbarn Foundation Hedgehog squeaker toy in your pet’s Easter basket. 


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4. Easter Pet Picnic

Pack a picnic with pet-friendly foods and head to your local park or set it up in your own backyard. Include fresh veggies for small animals and tasty fresh food like The Nosh Project for dogs and cats. 

5. DIY Easter treats

Get creative in the kitchen by baking homemade treats for your pets. Make sure to avoid toxic foods and only use pet-safe ingredients to make biscuits or frozen yoghurt pops. Shape them like Easter eggs or bunnies for a festive touch. 


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As you hop through the Easter long weekend, remember that the best moments aren’t the ones filled with the most treats or the fanciest toys, but those spent with our loyal companions by our side.  

May your Easter be filled with love, laughter, and a basketful of memories with your beloved pets.