Known as great lapdogs, this intelligent, loving breed is perfect for calm households.


These little balls of fluff are lively and full of character. One of the most independent of the toy dogs, Pomeranians are proud, lively little guys who like nothing better than to strut around, be it in the show ring or the park. While mostly a friendly, playful, loyal breed that loves being around the family, they can get possessive and territorial. They are an inquisitive breed and need a firm, gentle hand. Pomeranians are small dogs weighing around 1-3kgs, while Teacup Pomeranians are even smaller!

Train them to bark just once or twice when the doorbell rings, or they will do it excessively. Pomeranians respond well to training but know how to get what they want from their owners and sometimes talk. Their vocal nature makes them excellent watchdogs while their well-rounded and extroverted personality makes them a lively companion, especially for the elderly. However, they are prone to separation anxiety, becoming nervous, bold and temperamental, sometimes even wanting to attack bigger dogs.

Fun fact: One of the only two dogs saved

on the Titanic was a Pomeranian.

Pomeranians are very active indoors and good for apartment living, as they don’t need a yard to romp about in. They are not demanding in their exercise needs, being happy with short walks (though they can go for long ones without tiring). They tend to get hot, so don’t schedule a walk on a hot, sunny afternoon.

They have a very long, double coat that needs frequent brushing. A simple, neat way to do it is to work from the top using a coarse comb, parting the coat and brushing it forward. The soft undercoat of a Pomeranian sheds once or twice a year. Shaving a Pomeranian is not recommended, as their hair can grow back to be patchy. To keep your dog pampered, dry shampoo when necessary and trim around their feet occasionally. Your carpet cleaning bills may skyrocket, as they shed constantly.

Scheduled six monthly health check visits with your vet are important to ensure that your dog is healthy and happy throughout all life stages. While Pomeranians one of the hardiest toy breeds, they are prone to bone developmental issues, eye diseases, low blood sugar and loss of teeth. Together with your vet, you can determine and maintain a preventative health care program based on the individual needs of your canine companion.


A Pomeranian is a toy-sized breed weighing between 1-3kgs, with a height between 18-28cms.


They are best suited to indoor dwellings.

Energy Levels

Pomeranians have moderate energy levels. A daily stroll to keep them healthy is all that’s required.  

Difficulty of Training

They are highly intelligent, making them easy to train. However, perseverance is key.

 Family Suitability

They are great family pets, loyal companions and they even make great watchdogs due to their yappy nature.

Compatibility with other pets

They get along well with other pets inside the household.

Need for Company

They are best suited to households where someone is home all day.

Hypoallergenic Dog Breed?


Coat and Grooming Needs

They are moderate to high-maintenance dogs. Their coat is best brushed weekly and occasional trimming is required. They have a medium-long coat in 12 different colours, including black, brown, chocolate, beaver, red, and white.


They shed constantly.

Tendency to Bark

They have a high tendency to bark.

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