Known for their dashing good looks, a Lhasa Apso will steal the thunder in most households. They are intelligent and strong willed, full of energy and they love their family.


There are fewer things in life cuter than a Lhasa Apso puppy. Their curious, twinkling eyes, their flowing, beautiful coat, their lively and friendly disposition – they are a perfect pet. However, this irresistibly adorable breed also have a fierce personality. They are inherently wary of strangers and zealously guard their own, but are not aggressive. Lhasa Apso’s have keen ears.

They are devoted, but can be quite independent and mischievous. They aren’t the most obedient dog and house training them won’t be easy if you aren’t firm, assertive and consistent. While they enjoy being around the family, they are happy with some alone time and rarely suffer from separation anxiety.

Fun fact: The Lhasa Apso breed is practically untouched by humans and

remains very close to what their ancestors would have been tens

of thousands of years ago. The Tibetans believed the Lhasa Apso breed were

good luck, bringing health, peace and prosperity to their owners.

A Lhasa Apso can be quite impatient and clumsy with children. They are wary of other pets but if socialised well and early. Lhasa Apsos stop growing around 12 months old, reaching their mature height of 25cms.

A Lhasa Apso is quite happy to be indoors, playing leg warmer and keeping you aware of every passer-by. Even though they aren’t high-energy, they need a daily walk. A fenced play area or a dog park will also get their tail wagging.

They have a long, luxurious coat, but grooming it and keeping it compliment-worthy can be quite a time-consuming task. Daily brushing and combing, plus a monthly bath, are essential to avoid matting. Cut their coat short for easier maintenance. Clean their eyes and ears regularly and carefully.

Scheduled six monthly health check visits with your vet are important to ensure that your dog is healthy and happy throughout all life stages. These dogs are prone to hip dysplasia and eye diseases.

Together with your vet, you can determine and maintain a preventative health care program based on the individual needs of your canine companion.


They are a small-sized breed weighing between 6-7kgs, with a height between 25-28cms.


A Lhasa Apso will be happy curled up in an apartment.

Energy Levels

The equivalent of a marathon runner, they just go and go and go. Daily walks and lots of games are ideal for keeping this breed fit.

Difficulty of Training

They are intelligent, but strong-willed and may not always listen. Consistency is the key.

Family Suitability

They are great family pets and loyal companions.

Compatibility to other pets

They love meeting new pets and will befriend other cats or dogs.

Need for Company

They have a moderate need for company and enjoy spending time with their family.  

Hypoallergenic Dog Breed?


Coat and Grooming Needs

This breed is high-maintenance. They have a medium-long coat in a variety of colours like sandy, honey, golden, brown, dark grizzle, slate, smoke, black, white, and various combinations of these colours. Brush them weekly and trim regularly.


They shed little.

Tendency to Bark

They have a low tendency to bark, so don’t expect frequent conversations.

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