Graceful and strong, a Leonberger resembles a lion in looks but not temperament. They are sweet, mild-mannered, calm and they’ll even get along with other pets. Great for families and children, a Leonberger is a loyal companion.


Resembling a lion, these large, graceful dogs are a cross between a Newfoundland and St Bernard, among other breeds. They are a strong and muscular dog and are especially good swimmers. They are easy-going, placid and calm. Sweet, mild-mannered and even-tempered, they are gentle and wonderful pets for children. They also get on brilliantly with other pets. However two Leonbergers of the same sex are often aggressive with each other.

A Leonberger is a highly intelligent dog and learns quickly. They understand what is expected of them and are a dream to train – your neighbours will be envious of your well-behaved dog. Start training from a young age as they grow quickly and you don’t want your pup on a delicate glass coffee table. They stay puppy-like until around three to four years of age and thrive when involved in all aspects of family life. Don’t leave your Leonberger by itself for too long. They aren’t friendly to strangers and are often aloof, but never aggressive.

Fun fact: Leonbergers are said to be very sensitive dogs

that are in tune with their owner’s emotions and

get visibly distressed when their family argues or expresses sadness.

Don’t plan a vigorous exercise regime, a swim at the beach and long daily walk is ideal. Don’t bother trying to play fetch as Leonbergers are notorious for not enjoying it. They prefer swimming, tracking, weight pulling or agility work. They have moderate energy levels and love some downtime as well. As a puppy, prevent them from over-exercising or running up and down stairs as it can cause some bone issues later on. They rarely bark and when they do it will most likely be to alert you to strangers approaching. Their deep loud bark makes a Leonberger a great watch dog, although they are too placid and calm to do much else. They are easy to care for, just brush weekly. They also tend to drool, slobber and shed heavily.

Scheduled six-monthly health checks and visits to the vet are important to ensure your dog is healthy and happy throughout all life stages. It’s important that together with your vet a preventative healthcare program is determined and maintained based on the individual needs of your canine companion. Overall, Leonbergers are healthy dogs. Some can develop bone and joint problems such as elbow dysplasia.


A giant-sized breed weighing 30-50kgs with an average height of 65-80cms.


A large dwelling with a yard is ideal for this big dog.

Energy Levels

They have moderate to high energy levels. A long daily walk and swim is ideal.

Difficulty Of Training

They are intelligent dogs and will learn quickly.  

Family suitability

They are great family pets and loyal companions.

Suitability to other pets

Your Leonberger loves other pets. However don’t keep two Leonberger’s of the same sex together.

Need for company

They have a high need for company and enjoy being by their human’s side at all times.

Hypoallergenic dog breed?


Coat and grooming needs

This breed is low maintenance. Brush their coat weekly. They have a medium long coat in light yellow, golden red/brown with a black mask. Some have white on the chest. Usually the hair on the underside of the tail, throat and front legs is a shade darker.


They shed heavily.

Tendency to bark

They have a low tendency to bark.  

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