If you love Labradors, but are allergic to dogs, then a Labradoodle is your perfect pet! They are active yet gentle, and are great family pets.


Labradoodles are a mix between a Labrador Retriever and Poodle. They are not yet a registered breed in Australia because they are so new, first appearing in the 1980s when a blind woman needed a hypoallergenic guide dog. They have the great qualities of a Labrador, such as being super active and a love for the game of fetch, but they are also gentle and allergy-friendly – qualities of the Poodle. A Labradoodle can even have the webbed feet of a Labrador, making them excellent swimmers.

Fun fact: Labradoodles were originally bred as guide dogs.

They are affectionate, full of personality and gentle with children. Labradoodles are also very active and love to exercise alongside their family. Their gentle and loving nature makes them great for children, as well as great therapy dogs. They are highly trainable and can be taught a number of tricks.

Socialising them from a young age encourages proper behaviour. Long daily walks and a few games of fetch make for one very happy furry friend. They also love the water. If exercised enough, they suit an apartment or small living space. However, if bored, they can become destructive and will chew off-limit items.

Labradoodles crave attention and are best suited to households where someone is often home. They also love to dig. They are suitable watchdogs, often barking at intruders but they are too friendly to be aggressive. Their coat is low-maintenance and a regular brush and occasional trimming is all that may be required. Labradoodles shed little, which makes them great for allergy sufferers.

Scheduled six monthly health check visits with your vet are important to ensure that your dog is healthy and happy throughout all life stages. Common ailments include bloat, hip dysplasia and skin disease. Together with your vet, you can determine and maintain a preventative health care program based on the individual needs of your canine companion.

How big do Labradoodles get?

A Labradoodle is a medium-sized breed weighing between 12-45kgs, with a height between 40-66cms.

How much space do Labradoodles need?

Your Labradoodle suits most spaces, if exercised enough.

How much energy do Labradoodles have?

Labradoodles have high energy requirements and love to play around all the time. A daily walk and games are essential.

How difficult are Labradoodles to train?

They are highly intelligent, making them easy to train.

Are Labradoodles suitable for families?

They are great as watchdogs, family pets and loyal companions.

Are Labradoodles compatible with other dogs and animals?

From other dogs to cats to rabbits, your Labradoodle will befriend everyone.

How much company do Labradoodles need?

This breed can suffer from separation anxiety and suit a family that’s home a lot.

Are Labradoodles a hypoallergenic dog breed?


What coat and grooming needs do Labradoodles have?

They are moderate-maintenance. Their coat (which is gold, black, cream or brown, with or without markings), needs to be brushed weekly.

Do Labradoodles shed?

They shed little to no hair.

Do Labradoodles have a tendency to bark?

They like to chat sometimes, but enjoy silence at other times.

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