This breed sticks by its beloved humans like Velcro and will want to share every moment. They are small, sweet, gentle… and hairless.


Confident, graceful, alert, and um…., bald. These are just some of the terms used to describe a Chinese Crested. They are strong-willed and intelligent, but not snappy, making them easy to train. They often learn tricks very quickly but will become destructive if bored. Socialise them with other animals and young children to prevent them from becoming timid. They are not barkers and tend to be quiet. Chinese Crested dogs grow to around 30cms in height and weight around 4kg.

They get very attached to their family and love going everywhere with them, so they are best suited to a family that is often at home. Chinese Cresteds are suitable for both children and senior pet parents. They also get along well with other animals. They love to snuggle next to you and can be thought of as your shadow; eternally devoted.

Fun fact: Unlike many other breeds,

it can curl its feet to hold objects.

Chinese Cresteds are moderately active and benefit from daily walks. Watch them in the sun though as they can get burnt, just like humans. They are hypoallergenic and have no hair to shed. However, their skin requires constant maintenance. Bath them regularly and massage daily with lotions and cream.

Scheduled six monthly health check visits with your vet are important to ensure that your dog is healthy and happy throughout all life stages. Chinese Crested dogs often have dental disease and allergies. Their exposed skin is also prone to sunburn. Together with your vet, you can determine and maintain a preventative health care program based on the individual needs of your canine companion.


A Chinese Crested is a toy-sized breed weighing between 3-5kgs, with a height between 23-33cms.


A Chinese Crested will suit any type of space but if left outside, they will need plenty of shade.

Energy Levels

Chinese Crested dogs have moderate energy levels. A daily stroll to keep them healthy is all that’s required.

Difficulty of Training

Chinese Cresteds are smart dogs, which makes them easy to train.

Family Suitability

They are great family pets and loyal companions.

Compatibility with other Pets

They get along well with other pets if socialised properly. If not, they can become timid.

Need for Company

They are best suited to households where someone is home all day, as they love spending time with their family.

Hypoallergenic Dog Breed?


Coat and Grooming Needs

They are high-maintenance dogs that need to be bathed regularly and their skin massaged with various lotions and creams. They are hairless except for a puff on their ears and feet.


They shed no hair.

Tendency to Bark

They like to chat sometimes, but enjoy a bit of silence at other times.

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