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    Which dog breed is right for you?

    Bringing a puppy home is a big step for any household. They’re lively, fun and active pets, but depending on your lifestyle, different breeds of dog will suit your family better. Find out what your perfect pup is! Size matters Before falling in love with the first pup you see, think about the size of …

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    Harrier Hound

    With an endless supply of energy, a Harrier Hound is a great pet for active households. They are incredible scent hounds and gentle, sweet playmates for children. You’d be forgiven for thinking your Harrier Hound runs on batteries that never go flat. They’re non-stop, on-the-go dogs. Playfully referred to as ‘Beagles on steroids’ they are …

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    Maremma Sheepdog

    Perfect for rural living, Maremma Sheepdogs are large, loyal and protective family pets that needs lots of mental stimulation. Affectionately known as gentle giants, Maremma Sheepdogs originated in Italy where their primary job was to guard flocks against wolves, bears and wild dogs. Maremma Sheepdogs are known for their self-reliant, independent and protective temperament. They …

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    Miniature Bull Terrier

    Courageous, clownish and energetic, a Miniature Bull Terrier is a fun and affectionate family pet. They are great with older children, the elderly and suit being in single-pet households. Daily runs are a must.   Fit to replace a clown at your child’s 10th birthday party, this lively, comical and playful dog has proved itself …

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    With the stamina to play all day long, your Coonhound needs vigorous daily exercise. Partial to a cuddle, gentle with children and friendly to other cats and dogs, a Coonhound is a fantastic family pet. With an unbeatable sense of smell, a Coonhound is infamous for its ability to follow a trail, no matter how …

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    Sussex Spaniel

    Friendly, sociable and lively, the Sussex Spaniel is a hunting breed turned loyal companion. Active and energetic, they get along brilliantly with older children, other canines and benefit from running around a large yard. While your Sussex Spaniel might seem slow and lazy, when they get on the scent of a bird they become lightning …

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    Tibetan Mastiff

    The Regal, protective and loyal Tibetan Mastiff is an intelligent, dignified and independent breed. They are territorial with strangers, but calm, gentle and sweet with their family. A Tibetan Mastiff is as protective of their family as you are of your coffee on a Monday morning. Nothing will escape their attention as they carefully and …

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    Pembroke Welsh Corgi

    Pembroke Welsh Corgis are a lively, energetic and loyal breed that love to get involved with the family. They benefit from daily walks and are gentle, sweet playmates for children. Queen Elizabeth loves Corgis, if you do too, maybe it’s what you always suspected – you belong to a royal lineage. Highly intelligent and loyal, …

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    Cardigan Welsh Corgi

    Spirited, lively and charming dogs, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a loyal and loving companion that thrives off daily runs and lap cuddles. They are great with children too. ‘Cor gi’ is a Welsh word meaning ‘dwarf’. They are among the oldest of herding breeds and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is characterised by its long …

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