Without careful preparation, your home can be a series of hazards for a new dog. These tips for dog proofing your house and yard will not only keep your dog safe, it will also help keep your favourite possessions safely out of your dog’s reach.

Dog proofing your house and yard

They say curiosity killed the cat, but you shouldn’t underestimate your dog’s ability to sniff out trouble. For your dog’s safety, and ease of them adapting to a new environment, you need to dog proof your house and yard well and truly before you bring them home. Here’s how we recommend you prepare your home for the arrival of a new canine.

Set house rules

Before you can even get started dog proofing your house and yard, you need to establish some rules that everyone in your home will abide by – is your dog allowed on beds? Will they stay indoors or outdoors? Of course, the house rules will probably evolve as your dog settles in, but having clear and consistent rules in place before bringing a new dog home will help them adjust to life in your house.

Assign a designated dog area

It’s important to give your dog a space within your home that they can deem theirs; it might be a corner of the lounge room or a portion of the laundry. Once you have decided where this space is, you need to remove any dangerous objects. These include small items that could be swallowed, like rubber bands, loose change, and socks, as well as electrical cords and wires that your dog can get tangled up in, not to mention household cleaning products and poisons. It’s a good idea to get down to your dog’s level to ensure nothing has been missed. After clearing the hazards, you can then set the area up for your new dog. Provide them with a cosy bed and splash out on a few toys that are going to make them feel right at home.

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General dog proofing for your home

  • Clean your house thoroughly, ensuring any cleaning products you use are non-toxic
  • Place electrical wires and cords out of reach
  • Put anything small that can be swallowed, and anything of value away e.g. jewellery and children’s toys
  • Remove any pot plants – a range of common plants can make your dog very sick
  • Secure any aquariums or cages that house other small pets
  • Avoid access to blinds or drapes that can be strangulation hazards to dogs
  • Remove any rugs until your pet is house-trained

How to dog proof your kitchen, bathroom and laundry

  • Use childproof latches
  • Keep medication and cleaning products on high shelves
  • Cover any rubbish bins
  • Keep your washing machine and dryer closed at all times
  • Keep food out of reach or in the pantry
  • Keep the toilet lid closed

How to dog proof your yard

  • Ensure your fence is sturdy and there are no gaps through which your dog can escape
  • Keep the gates to your yard locked at all times
  • Keep a secure fence around the pool
  • Regularly mow the lawn to reduce the potential for ticks and fleas
  • Ensure that your dog has access to shade and water if they are outside
  • Avoid lawn chemicals and pesticides
  • Check your garden for dangerous plants that are toxic to dogs

For more information on how to dog proof your home and yard, visit your local Petbarn where our friendly team members will be happy to give you advice.