While dogs age at different rates based on factors like breed size, most dogs are considered seniors from seven years of age. This has a big impact on your dog’s level of health. You’ll want to keep an eye on a couple things to keep them happy and healthy during their golden years.

Monitor their movement

Arthritis is a very common condition in senior pets. As they start to slow down, you may notice some general wear and tear that highlights a decrease in their physical condition, which can point to arthritis in dogs.

Signs of arthritis in dogs include difficulty getting up and out-of-character irritability or tiredness. If you notice these signs, take your dog to your local Greencross Vets for a check-up. Your vet will give them a thorough examination and provide you with a plan to follow to help manage the symptoms.

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Switch their diet to a senior dog food

Once they hit their senior dog milestone, your pet will experience a change in their metabolism. Not only does this mean you should switch their food to one that specifically caters to dogs at this life stage – a senior dog food – and also keep an eye on how they are eating.

Their slower metabolism may mean they start to gain a bit of extra weight, plus they may be more lethargic. Keep their decrease in energy levels in mind when you feed them and adjust their daily food portion as needed.

Remember: you shouldn’t change your dog’s food suddenly once they become a senior. Take a week or two to transition to their new diet properly.

Watch for changes in their behaviour

As they grow older, your senior dog might develop some changes to their mood. It’s good to monitor how they interact with other dogs and humans, so you can nip any big shifts in the bud before problems start to occur.

Sometimes, changes in behaviour can be linked to health issues such as arthritis, so be sure to check in with your vet if you notice any changes.


The transition from adult to senior dog is nothing to worry about if you know what to watch out for. Feel free to chat to a friendly team member at your local Petbarn store for advice on senior dog food and products that will help your dog stay comfortable during their golden years.