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Are Fleas Lurking Inside Your House?

As the cooler weather sets in, it is tempting to think that flea control is no longer necessary.
While it is true that you may see fewer fleas when it is cooler outside, they are still around and warm homes remain a perfect environment for ongoing flea development and infestation.

Fleas: A Hidden Pest

Fleas are tough. But they like their creature comforts too, which is why your nice warm home is the ideal place for them to ‘hole up’ over winter. Fleas can breed right through the winter, laying eggs that fall off pets into the household. The ideal places for these eggs to develop include soft furnishings, carpet and even cracks between floorboards and tiles.

Fleas can adapt too. While the flea’s lifecycle from egg to adult may only take a couple of weeks in ideal temperature conditions, the pupal stage of the flea can remain dormant for up to 6 months before they emerge as adults. This means that even a small number of fleas on untreated animals can result in hundreds of eggs being laid in the household during winter, with the impacts of this not being seen until a “spring outbreak” occurs.

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Breaking the Flea Lifecycle

Monthly application of FRONTLINE PLUS, even during winter, is essential to control existing flea problems and prevent new infestations from developing.

What ingredients are in FRONTLINE PLUS?

FRONTLINE PLUS has 2 tough killing ingredients. The 1st, fipronil, kills adult fleas and ticks. The 2nd, (S)-methoprene, attacks flea eggs and larvae. The two active ingredients in FRONTLINE PLUS protect your pet and home by killing the adult fleas as well as preventing the development of eggs, larvae and pupae in the environment. This unique combination of two ingredients provides ‘integrated parasite control’, ensuring all four stages of the flea lifecycle are targeted. This means that continuing to use FRONTLINE PLUS during winter can help prevent an outbreak of fleas when the weather warms up.

In an Australian study, 95% of households allowed their pets inside the home*. Any untreated animal can act as a living ‘salt-shaker’ for viable flea eggs, depositing them all over the house, in areas where you and your pets interact everyday.

How do you apply FRONTLINE PLUS to your dog?

FRONTLINE PLUS application instructions:

  1. Snap the tip of the applicator or use scissors to cut the tip off
  2. Part your dog’s fur between their shoulder blades so you can see their skin
  3. Apply FRONTLINE PLUS directly onto your dog’s skin by squeezing the applicator until it’s empty

For control of paralysis ticks on dogs, FRONTLINE PLUS must be applied every 2 weeks. For paralysis tick control on cats use FRONTLINE® SPRAY every 3 weeks. See label for full claim details and usage instructions.

*Merial HHI data on file.

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