Seeing Eye Dogs, those beautiful Labradors and Golden Retrievers, bring many loveable qualities to their owners, as well as benefitting the community around them. Here are nine reasons Seeing Eye Dogs are the best dogs in the world!

1. Seeing Eye Dogs are loyal and protective companions, they often provide the owner in need with more confidence, friendship, and security – in addition to helping them navigate the world!


2. They are taught to judge width and height so as to avoid leading their human to bump into things such as overhanging branches, other people, prams, furniture and bicycles.


3. Unlike other pets, Seeing Eye Dogs can remain concentrated on the task at hand and can ignore other people and focus on their companion, even when someone else offers food or calls to them.


4. Seeing Eye Dogs often act as “ice breakers” in social situations and conversations, which can make meeting people and socialising much easier for their human.


5. Seeing Eye Dogs are allowed to travel free with their human on all forms of public transport, including taxis, buses, trams, trains and aeroplanes.


6. Most dogs that are unsuitable to be seeing eye dogs become companion dogs to children who are blind or vision impaired. If they are not suitable as companion dogs they will go to loving families as normal (but still extraordinary!) house pets.


7. Studies have shown that owning a pet can offer positive effects psychologically, socially, and physiologically. This bond between human and animal is even stronger, given the reliance humans have on their seeing-eye dogs.

8. Seeing Eye Dogs have a strong desire to please their owners and come at absolutely no cost to them.


9. 100% of seeing eye dogs are incredibly cute!

If you are interested in finding out more about Seeing Eye Dogs Australia or you’d like to donate or become a Volunteer Puppy Carer, head to our SEDA page.