Choosing a family friendly dog is an important decision and one that will affect the dynamic of your household.  There is much to consider when you are selecting the right dog breed for your home, especially if you have children.

Here are 5 family friendly dog breeds that are good with children:

  1. Golden Retriever
    Golden Rshutterstock_79919302etrievers are known to be some of the most affectionate dogs around and could well-be in the running for Man’s Best ‘Best Friend’. Mostly honey coloured and one of the world’s favourite family breed, they are obedient, easy to train, gentle with kids and other pets. Learn more about Golden Retrievers:


  1. BeagleBeagle
    Beagles are merry, little, intelligent scent hounds. Their outgoing, friendly disposition makes them good play-mates for children as well as other dogs. A couple of cuddles and Beagles will happily turn strangers into new-best friends. Learn more about  Beagles:


  1. Labrashutterstock_205576408dor
    Being good-natured, friendly and affectionate, the Labrador is a relatively large-sized breed and has a reputation of being an excellent family pet. Patient with children and trusting with strangers too (yes, maybe not the perfect guard dog), they are very loyal and love being around the family.
    Learn more about Labradors:


  1. Staffordshire Bull Terriers
    Don’t get mislead by their muscular, strong looking features StafAmerican Staffordshire Terrierfordshire Bull Terriers are very people friendly and happy dogs, even with strangers! Staffordshire Bull Terriers give it their all when it comes to love, play or work. As far as children go, there reputation is second to none (take note Angelina Jolie).
    Learn more about Staffordshire Bull Terriers:


  1. English Bulldog
    ‘Love is a four-English Bulldoglegged word’ is a quote which must have been written by the owner of an English Bulldog. With looks, a mix of funny, cute and unusual, this stubby breed is one of the most gentle and caring dog breeds around. English Bulldog’s are very affectionate, dependable dogs and are known to form a loving bond with children. Learn more about English Bulldogs: Adopt a dog
    Here’s a bonus, when choosing a dog for your family visit your local animal shelter and consider rescuing a pet. Rescue dogs from shelters including the RSPCA are temperament tested and have been health checked so the only decision you have to make is whether they are suitable match for your family. Learn more about our adoption partners here: