The lower price of cheaper cat food brands might be appealing to the wallet, but did you know they could cost you more in the long run?  

Grey tabby cat looking up and licking their lips in front of a white food bowl

Here are some reasons why you should consider feeding your cat super premium food instead of cheaper brands. 

Super premium food is more nutritious and creates less waste 

Super premium foods are complete and balanced. They contain all the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your cat needs to thrive.  It is scientifically formulated to suit different life stages and breeds, so you can find the one that matches your cat’s age, breed and lifestyle. Whether you have a kitten, an adult or a senior cat, there is a super premium cat food that will support their health and wellbeing.  

Super premium food is also highly digestible, meaning more of the food is absorbed by your cat’s digestive tract and less leaves as waste. You’ll appreciate the smaller, firmer and less smelly poos when cleaning out the litter tray.  

You feed less 

Because super premium foods are more nutrient dense, the daily serving sizes smaller. This means that you won’t need to feed them as much food as you would if you were feeding them a cheaper food. While the initial cost of the food may be higher, you will find that it lasts longer, and you won’t need to purchase a new bag as frequently. 

Super premium food is covered by Petbarn’s Taste Guarantee 

Cats can be fussy eaters, and super premium cat food is made with quality ingredients to make it extra delicious. Don’t be afraid to try a super premium food if your cat is a fussy eater! If they don’t like it, you can get a replacement or a full refund with Petbarn’s Taste Guarantee 

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your cat’s health. Try super premium cat food today and see the benefits for yourself. 

Try our Cat Food Finder tool

Not sure which super premium cat food to try first? Ask the friendly team members at your local Petbarn for their recommendations or try our Food Finder tool to find the best super premium food for your cat.