How cats stack up in terms of cleanliness.

Cats are keen self-groomers. In fact, they spend one third of their waking hours grooming themselves. This is one of the reasons cats are one of the cleanest pets you can own.

Your cat’s grooming ritual

Each cat will have their own particular grooming ritual and this does more for them than simply keeping them clean. Self grooming is a soothing ritual for cats that helps them relax. That barbed tongue of theirs is adept at removing dead skin and loose hair. It also helps to spread their natural oils over their coat, which gives cats that natural lustre and healthy look. Cats’ tongues also helps to remove fleas from their coat but, that being said, it’s important you stay up to date with their parasite prevention program. Speak to your local Petbarn team member to find the right product to protect your cat from fleas, ticks and worms.
Amazingly, your cat’s tongue is able to remove the scent of food from their whiskers, which is a legacy from their ancestors as it helped them stay safe from predators. This is one of the reasons why cats don’t really have much odour – definitely not as much as dogs. Cats only tend to have a scent to them if they are unwell.

Helping your cat stay clean

Even though cats are such skilled self-groomers, it’s good to devote some time each day to grooming. It’s best to give their coat attention using a slicker brush, bristle brush or comb. Long-haired breeds should receive a little more attention in the grooming department than their shorter haired cousins. You’ll want to comb away any loose hair to avoid the likelihood of hairballs.
Though you may think cats aren’t fans of baths, provided you introduce a grooming routine when they’re kittens, you’ll be able to help them become accustomed to baths and all elements of grooming. The occasional bath will give your cat a lovely fresh smell and add condition to their coat. You can also find shampoos at your local Petbarn that are targeted at reducing hairballs.

Feel free to chat to your local Petbarn team member for advice on grooming, whether it be the grooming products you’re after or tips on keeping your cat clean.