It’s hard to resist your precious cat when they’re after a treat, but sharing too many with them can be incredibly bad for their health. Here’s our guide to ‘treating’ your cat right.

How many treats are cats allowed?

A cat’s daily diet should be devoted to their key meals of specifically formulated cat food, with 90% of their calories allocated here and only 10% of the calories dedicated to treats. That said, it’s important your check on the packet of your cat food, as well as the cat treat packet, to confirm that you are feeding your cat the right quantity. Oversized portions are a common mistake pet parents make that can result in their cat becoming obese.

What are the right cat treats?

If you are someone who likes to give your cat treats, it’s best to choose from the healthy treat section. You’ll know a healthy treat because of the value placed on natural ingredients. Be sure to read about the nutritional breakdown on the back of the packet to get a better idea of what you’re giving your cat. You might find that the best version of a treat for your cat’s health is one that also helps them maintain their dental health. These treats can help to remove plaque from their teeth and keep their gums healthy.

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How can I ‘treat’ my cat if they’re overweight?

If you’ve noticed your cat is carrying too much weight and it’s time to cut back, you can find other ways to treat them. Reinforcing good behaviour with a high-pitched voice and scratches behind the ear is one way, but you could also look to catnip or interactive cat toys as a means to reward good behaviour.

Petbarn stocks a large range of healthy cat treats, as well as interactive toys for cats. Feel free to chat with your local Petbarn team member about finding the right treat for your cat.

You can also find the best food for your pet by using our Food Finder tool.

Try our Cat Food Finder tool

Try our Cat Food Finder tool