What is super premium cat food?

‘Super premium’ refers to pet foods with the highest quality ingredients and formulations. Compared to the budget options that you find in supermarkets, super premium cat food is nutritionally complete and balanced.

This food is scientifically formulated to suit different life stages and breeds so you will be able to find the one that best suits your pet’s age, breed and lifestyle and ensure that they receive the optimal nutrition.

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Benefits of super premium cat food

Why feed cats a super premium diet?

At Petbarn, we understand that your pet’s health is your number one priority which is why we recommend super premium food as it is specially designed to support your cats’ needs at every stage of life.


As kittens are in a period of rapid growth, super premium kitten food promotes their physical and mental development with high levels of omega-3, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Adult cats

For adult cats, you’ll be able to find super premium food that matches whether your cat lives indoors or outdoors, and if they have any special health needs such as urinary health, hairball control or weight management.

Senior cats

Once your cat reaches their senior years at age 7, switch them to super premium senior cat food which supports ageing joints and brains.

Benefits of super premium cat food

  • Formulated for specific breeds, life stages and health conditions
  • Promotes skin and coat health
  • Highly digestible for healthier poos
  • No added artificial colours or flavour enhancers
  • DHA to enhance brain and nervous system
  • Contains the highest quality ingredients
  • Blend of vitamins and minerals for optimal health
  • Contains antioxidants that support immune health
  • Lower cost per feed compared to non-premium food
  • Recommended by Greencross Vets


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What about the cost?

You may think super premium diets are expensive compared with other brands. However, due to their high digestibility and calorie density, your cat needs a smaller portion to meet their nutritional needs.
When this fact is taken into consideration and a cost per day is calculated, they compare favourably, especially when the quality of the ingredients and the benefits are factored in.

Are you feeding your cat right? The clue is in their poo!

Did you know that monitoring your cat’s litter box is one of the best ways to figure out if they’re eating the right diet? After all, what goes in must come out. A healthy cat poo should have the consistency of playdough and will be comfortable for them to pass and easy for you to scoop out. These poos should not contain an excess of fur and should be shiny due to the moisture content, but not coated in mucus.

Switch your cat to super premium food today and you’ll soon notice that they’re producing smaller, firmer and less smelly poos!

Not sure which food is the best for your unique cat? Just ask one of the friendly, trained team members at your local Petbarn or use our Food Finder tool.

Try our Cat Food Finder tool

Try our Cat Food Finder tool