No one wants to hear they’re ageing, but did you know your cat is ageing much quicker than you?! Regardless of age, health and wellness starts with complete and balanced nutrition.

Nearly 50% of pet parents don’t feed their senior pets, aged 7+, the right kind of food. ¹ It’s not because they don’t want to provide the best for their cat, it’s just that many don’t realise they have different nutritional needs at certain life stages. Because cats age more quickly than people do, major health changes can occur much earlier in their lives.

The ageing process is complex and can slow pets down mentally and physically. Nutrition can impact pets’ cell function and therefore help fight the effects of aging. Older animals often have decreased nutrient digestion and assimilation so it is important to feed a diet with easy to digest ingredients for a healthy digestive system.

Hill’s Science Diet Senior Vitality is scientifically developed to work with your cat’s biology, providing precise nutrition to help support cats and their cells as they age. This breakthrough formula helps to improve your senior cat’s everyday ability to get up & go.

Hill’s Science Diet Senior Vitality features:

  • A proprietary blend of ingredients supports brain health, interaction, energy & vitality
  • Promotes healthy fur with Vitamin E and Omega-6 fatty acids
  • Easy-to-digest ingredients for healthy digestion

Not sure if your cat is beginning to age? There are several tell-tail signs to look out for:

Thinking – Your pet is now confused about things they used to understand

Activity – Naps become more appealing than playing or exploring

Interactions – Your pet doesn’t enjoy socialising with you as much as before

Loss of Control – Your pet is having accidents even though they are toilet-trained

Sleep-Wake Cycle – Your pets sleeping patterns have changed and they are awake during the night more

Ageing is part of life, but you can help your cat age gracefully by feeding them a high-quality food that’s specifically formulated for senior cats.