You’ve got the latest smartphone and every cutting-edge gadget under the sun, but did you know there’s plenty of tech available for our pets, too!

Technology has come a long way! We humans have enjoyed some pretty incredible advances and the pet world is no different. Here are some top tech buys for dogs and cats to help make everyone’s life a little bit easier.

Interactive Smart Pet Cameras

Ever wanted to text your pet to make sure they’re okay? Smart pet cameras takes things a step further as it allows you interact with your pet while you’re away. You’ll be able to watch their behaviour to make sure they’re being good, speak to them through the camera and some have added bonus of dispensing treats!

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Electronic feeders

These are fantastic if you sometimes get held back at work. Available for both cats and dogs, the digital feeders are programmable, so you can schedule multiple meals per day (if need be) in exact portions. If you worry that your pet will be waiting at home hungry while you’re stuck in traffic, you can relax knowing that they’ll receive their meal on time.

Water fountains

You can also find water fountains that run continuously, too. These provide an active fresh stream water to help your pet stay hydrated. They may even encourage your pet to drink more!

Interactive toys

Keep your pet entertained all day with an interactive toy. You can find a huge variety of fantastic interactive electronic toys at Petbarn. Ensuring you have a good assortment of toys available is essential for ensuring your pet stays happy, and electronic interactive toys are perfect for stimulating your pet’s senses and testing their reflexes, memory and recall. All Day, for example, has a range of electronic cat toys that stimulate your cat’s hunting instincts — the perfect boredom busters!

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Microchip cat flaps and dog doors

These are great for allowing your pet access to the house or backyard without having to open the door for them. These tech-savvy dog doors or cat flaps only open when they register your pet’s unique microchip number. You can link them to more than one pet and even set up curfews and different programs based on the level of access you want your pet to have.

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